McLaren F1 catches fire due to lack of use

McLaren F1 catches fire due to lack of use

McLaren F1 on fire
It looks like imported salvage cars in the UAE aren’t the only ones burning up. A rare and exotic McLaren F1 caught fire last week in the U.S. state of California, after it was taken out for a spin. Apparently the owner had let the car sit unused for six months before finally driving it on that fateful day. The rare supercar will now be sent back to the United Kingdom in the hopes of having the car restored.

The McLaren F1 was being driven cross-country when another motorist alerted the F1 driver to smoke coming out of the rear of the car. The F1 owner jumped out and let the engine bay burn until firefighters put out the blaze before it spread into the cabin.

This particular McLaren F1 is a 1995 model, and one of only 64 non-racing models produced between 1992 and 1998. This one was purchased by its current careless owner two years ago.

The car is insured for the equivalent of Dhs 7.34 million, and the insurance company says the car has a 90% chance of being salvaged and rebuilt. McLaren officials saw photos of the burnt out-of-production car and reduced those chances to 50% only. Either way, the F1 is going back to its homeland.

Let this be a reminder that cars are meant to be driven regularly. Just letting them sit for months, either while going on holiday or on car dealer lots, can never be a good thing.

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  1. the car was insured 4 way more than the cost of the car.. im guessing the finacnial crisis is wat caused th fire! 😀

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