Porsche Cayenne gets Russian Status

Porsche Cayenne gets Russian Status

A Russian tuning firm called Status Design is getting ready to release what has to be the most aggressive body kit ever for the Porsche Cayenne.


Just a computer rendering at this stage, the kit consists of new bumpers, fenders, doors, wheels and spoilers at odd places. The kit will be made of plastic and carbon-fibre, and the Status Cayenne will be available in different colours.


For local prices and specs of the standard version, visit the Porsche Cayenne buyer guide.

What do you think?



  1. Amazing beautiful kit what about the performance mash ??

  2. Author

    maafi berformance.

  3. wow! its a beauty! 😯

  4. Very nice Kit… 😈 …

  5. My god it looks extreme. That’ll scare a baby :mrgreen:

  6. wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  7. nice looking car…. love style :mrgreen:

  8. Whats up with the Peugeot like emblem on the hood?

  9. ugly mother******
    why would anyone pay tons of $$$ to make an ugly suv even more fugly?

  10. chris coz you cant buy it, stop criticizing its looking stunning, wat car u own ? Rolls royce? lol

  11. Hey Chris… if you dont like it just say you dont, a lot of people will like it,, this kit reminds me about what i used to like about cars when i was a little boy…. i love this kit… anybody agree with me…

  12. wonderful i think i should sell infiniti fx and buy this porsche cayanne turbo s and put this kit on it all of 3 are wonderful amazing man amazing i love it it looks gorgeous

  13. Sohi …how much would you sell your FX for ?
    Im lining up outside the status garage in russia..anybody wants a kit ?

  14. You people are funny…. 😛

  15. ace if u intrested i will give u good price

  16. Im interested..How much for short time 🙂
    Which year is it? How much kms?

  17. Dis shit is gonna b der n transformers 3

  18. Guys could u belive that I saw someone with this kit in abu-dhabi here!!

    I will take a picture if I see him again :S

    for the first glance I said that’s porche 2010 but when i looked again, I remembered the russian kit.. it’s exactly the same..it’s amazing..

  19. Gost evil man i dont know what to say

  20. Wow.. That nose looks like it was inspired by a Formula 1 Car. It is definitely a show stopper.

  21. Simply AWESOOMEEEE!

  22. Id be an idiot to prefer anything over this!! F**king Awesome!! This is how exotic cars should look like.. This car will shat in rangerover’s face anytime…

  23. This body kit murders the BMW X5 and X6 M G power kit.

  24. pls give me your price for crazy Russian kit for cayenne

  25. ^ does that means that you like it?…lol, because i do love it.. will be very good as “RC” cars..looooooooool

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