2010 Toyota Prado real photo leaked

As pointed out by Akif, one of our readers, a real photo of the 2010 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado has been leaked onto the internet. The photo appears to be real, and has “internal use only” marked across it.

The 2010 Toyota Prado seems to be following the styling pattern set by the bulbous new-for-2008 Land Cruiser. Engine choices should be very similar to the current offerings, including an upgraded 2.7-litre 4-cylinder and a variation of the existing 4.0-litre V6.

The current version is actually a rather flawless design, but it is so common that it is now as eye-catching as a garbage bin, no matter how much its owners paid for one. The upcoming new model features hit-and-miss styling, but it should be fresh for at least a year before it becomes invisible again. Expect a UAE launch by the end of this year.

Update: Visit the Toyota Prado buyer guide for UAE prices and GCC specs.

What do you think?



  1. Looks like they just did a LC to the prado….i.e almost the same, just a little changes here and there….Though I really feel this is a just a photoshop where some person has pasted LC bits onto a prado…especially when I look at the rear light…

  2. Btw if I do a search ‘2010 Prado’, Drive Arabia is the second link…nice!!!!:cool:

  3. The picture shows the shape of the new lexus rx350 with the appearance of the landcruiser.

  4. I Love it. It better be this way !!

  5. Mash the current 4cyl is a 2.7ltr isnt it..

  6. Author

    Yeah, you’re right. typo.

  7. finally good looking pra :mrgreen: do

  8. finally good looking prado :mrgreen:

  9. hardly much changes i feel. though the 4.0 litre wud be an absolute delight& the 2.7 wud be a slow tortoise. Expect the prices to be as high as gold.

  10. although i am great fan of the prado it has some flaws…

    1)the seats r not that comfortable or supportive. it become an issue on long journeys

    2) ride though much better than a pajero or nissan pathfinder could have been improved considering the “premuim” customers pay.

    the new designed seems sticking to the tried and tested formula, it is more muscular and better defined but a conservative one which is great which is what family buyers look into

  11. good :mrgreen: …. but little bit similar to previous year model…. !!!! …but i still love it πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

  12. not sure whether this is real or just the current version digitally amended..

    also not sure whether i like the design (looks too much like the old one).

    but then again, also the all new 08 LC had to grown on me for the first 6 months..

    will be a quality SUV, that is pretty much given.

    any idea about UAE pricings???

    the german bloke

  13. if this is real then i would go for 1 :mrgreen: just wish that toyota would pull out there finger asap

  14. THAT’S UGLY!!!! 😳

  15. πŸ˜€ beatiful suv of 2010

  16. :mrgreen:

    These are not photo-shopped pictures. Before the leak of these spy pictures, a Japanese magazine released this
    which looks similar to the real pictures on top.

    Spoke to one of the sales execs here at AlFuttaim- Toyota and I was told that the 2010 model could come as soon as this coming Sept.-Oct.


  17. Wow looks different than before,i hope they’ll bring in a CRDI D4D engine in it.

  18. Stupid Ugly Bug πŸ™ , the previous one was looking great

  19. πŸ˜‰

    Hey guys… heres some pictures of the Toyota Prado 2010 on the assembly line:

    The New Dashboard~

    Notice the shift fly system for switching over from 2wd-4wd; A switch for the differential lock; Engine Start/Stop Button; etc.

    The Revised Steering Wheel~

    New 3rd Row Seating Design: (Stows away into the floor)~

    More Pics of Front Assembly: (White Body Color)

    Pictures From Under The Hood:

  20. πŸ˜€ .. oh by the way.. if you look closely at the dashboard picture above, you can see the markings of a Tip-tronic Gear System πŸ˜€ SUPER!!! Hope this is what Toyota intends to bring in for the GCC specs as well. πŸ˜•

  21. Author

    good stuff, dude

  22. I think Toyota is trying to make a design the people going to recongize it as a Toyota example like the BMW if you took away it logo you would know it a BMW.

    This is a type of marketing thingy. Some product are even design to be recognize it when it is broken into pieces.

  23. Author

    If Toyota is trying that, they are not doing a very good job. No other Toyota has that vertical grille.

  24. Hey Mash,
    Any idea if these latest pics have been taken from the GCC? The side graphics usually appear on Omani Toyotas.
    I think they’ve messed up the rear lights but then again it may be a case of getting used to in time. The front lights remind me of the Lexus LX570… Nice

  25. Author

    I think you are right about these being in Oman. I just know these are in the GCC.

  26. I hear it was taken in Qatar

  27. I love itt… nice atleast better than Honda pilot

  28. @ Mash & CB:
    It really could be pictures taken from Qatar or Saudia. If you look closely at the second last picture behind the white prado, theres a landcruiser parked whose no. plate (blurd view)looks similar to that of ones from Qatar or Saudia.

  29. The front is looking promising but the back is like a Rav4….with bigger lights. The rear bumper looks really small…weird!!!

  30. This pic. could suggest that a large stock of the new Prados has already arrived at someone’s yard:

    Also notice the rear view camera in the stepney similar to that we have in the 2009 FJ cruiser. 😎

  31. Can some1 tell me, why there are some prados with wheels on the tailgate and some are not? though they are all VX. Asked a sales guy in toyota, but he was puzzled too. I hope it wasnt his first day at the toyota. πŸ™‚

  32. The LC in the back ground has got a qatari plates.

  33. The Prado VX is the 4.0L V6 version and has different variations and the one that has only single fuel tank is the one which has the spare tire mounted below the frame. This is the upper grades of Prado, especially those who dont prefer to take it off road but want more high tech features. I guess this may not be the case with the new Prado, since in LC200, they have combined the two fuel tank into one and can still have frame mounted spare wheel and door mounted too.

    To me the older one looks better, but bein a Toyota even this Chinese Design should sell..

  34. πŸ˜€
    @ Sting316:
    The Prado with the wheel at the tailgate has an option of having an additional fuel tank (Total tank capacity of upto 180 litres). Some do need this additional capacity and would prefer to have the wheel stowed away neatly underneath the vehicle (as is the case with most of the new 4×4 vehicles in the market). Standard fuel tank capacity of the Prado is some 90 litres approx.

  35. 😳
    …litres). Some do NOT need this additional….

  36. It looks good.I”m sure its going to be hot when it comes out! oh i cant wait!

  37. Confirmed!! The pics were taken in Qatar.

    Claimed Original Source:
    (Clearer Pics)

  38. hey

    i c a qatar registration land cruiser in da bakground if u notice clearly!!!so is it already in da ports of gcc??????

  39. a great car not too much changes still has the look of the older version with some slightly changes but a goodlookin new interior especially the diesel version
    πŸ˜› πŸ˜› πŸ˜› πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  40. o i hope this one will also have a great fuel capacity

  41. This Prado will be the Ultimate test for all of the dealers if sales are going good or not.

    Yesterday I went to the approved EMC and he told me every dealer are selling very well but I replied back that I dont see alot of new cars in the road.

  42. when is it going to release ?

    and wha will be its price

  43. parado 2.7 4 cy is better in fule consumption or 4l 6 cyl. pl inform
    thanks ahmad uae

  44. im live brado new

  45. Dear Sir Im moideen from Al Jubail, Saudi Arabia.
    may i know When it will arrived in Saudi arabia. and what will be the selling price?

  46. all recent toyota models came with extra tumors where it create unnecessary empty spaces inside the body wich makes it bulkier, and not fun to drive..

  47. not another drunk camel i hope.

  48. Actually I was planned to buy T. Prado 2009 model VX. Fortunately-or-unfortunately I could not, due to some other reasons. But now I really dropped the plan when the new model came out. Its just a xerox copy of land cruiser and Looks are also changed a lot especially fron grill, tale lamp,alloy design..etc..front grill was giving a rude look for this car and that was an advantage of these kind of cruisers.
    Guys, just enjoy and give the feedback about the new ruler of deserts.

    By the way what is the price (6 cyl/4ltr)of new model prado?

    Thanks for your valuable comments…

  49. More Pics Of The 2010 Prado:


  50. πŸ™‚ dont know much about cars but i think its cool. πŸ™‚

  51. This one looks like a LC which has smaller demensions and a 2010 Prado grille. So, this means that the 2010 Prado is more likely to have a V8 option and better off road capabilities. The same case is also there on the 07 Camry and the 08 Corolla. Some can easily mistake the camry 4 a corolla or vice versa.Any way, I like this one, a smaller LC

  52. But old model is the real look of prado… this prado looks like a pregnent women πŸ˜†

  53. Cant wait to get my hands on that beautiful steering wheel. I have waited for months for the new look prado, I am glad its not so ugly for me. πŸ™‚

  54. This one might go around 115000 starting and 200000 topped

  55. Looks like designers of Toyota have been fired in 2006. And since then every design of every model is drawn by little kids. Toyota need some face. all this is ugly.

  56. Please send the pictures of toyata prado 2010.I am waiting for your reply with dashboard.

  57. as usual, Toyota’s models are getting worse. ugly design from outside and much more ugly from inside.

  58. wyglada tak samo jak poprzedni model nic specjalnego moze bedzie chociaz diesel v6

  59. i like this prado but i need some informathion a bout it how much price it and when sale it thanks

  60. Any news about the SWB Prado (3 doors)? Is it discontinued like the 3 doors Rav4 or will available for 2010?

  61. Now this is my favourite jeep because it had change a lot.My best wishes to all people those who have designed this wonderful jeep.My father told that he will take this prado.

  62. Why is there all of this suspense generated by Toyota? Why can’t they just show the pictures of the car, give the new literature to the dealerships & tell us the orice. It seems that they want to make it a big production issue. Just ket us see it and give us the orice so we can buy one or move on to something else!!!

  63. This is finaly the best of the best LC.Cant wait to test drive and own one.Hope the clours available will be just as exciting as previous models.

  64. pls send for me some picture tnks

  65. i dont now why its getting bigger

  66. It was never meant to look good… so no big deal..

  67. I have some info on the new Prado ( 150 series)
    Firstly there will be a long and short wheel base ( so a 2 door version) They range from the GX, GXL, VX and Kakadu ( replaces the Grande)and the 2 door version will be the SX and ZR. Prices will be very similar to current rage however dont know the new 2 version price. They have introduced a new color “Metal storm” which is inbetween the Graphite and Ebony (Black)It has many more features than the currents models and will be a sucess I think

  68. it just looks like land crulser

  69. It looks like Totota Land Cruiser.

    Kind Regards
    Ahmad Wadan
    Certified Translator & Project Manager
    Mob: +965 99218168

  70. well guess what the 2010 Lexus GX 460 SUV is also having its testing in america which is actually the Prado based Lexus the pics are in circultion and yes one thing different in it will be the engine it will be 310 horsepower 4.6-liter V-8

  71. i think after this like camaro 2008 noting will better

  72. I have the old model .I will take the new one if it comes with 4.6 ltrs and 6 gears Auto.
    Prado is a dynamic car with a very good handling

  73. @ JAFF:

    Where did you get your info from? I’m sure you’d be able to give us more info on the features of the Prado 2010.

    Metal Storm sounds INTERESTING. >:o)

  74. no new ideas for outside
    its just mix from prado and land crusier
    but from inside i think its good

  75. I got some updates, Price is about AED.190,000/-for top of range model (7 Seater, Navagation, Electric Leather Seats, Hydrulic System)
    The 4.0L V6 Engine is producing 276HP@5600 RPM & 38.8kgf.m @4,400 RPM

    Source (Toyota Japan website)

  76. Good Stuff Khaled! ;o)

  77. Is Prado 2010 available in Dubai?
    What about the prices? starting from the basic to the top.


  78. ohh come on people.. this was expected from a cheating comany as toyota..dont see??? look for the pathetic (new) models of hilux2006, landcruiser2008, camry2007, coroola2008…all are rubish…dont tell me you eas waiting a gooood new prado…we are blinding our selves

  79. Dear sir or Madam:- I want to know about toyota prado new model 2010 and price.

  80. It looks like the Toootooota Land Cruiser.

    Kind Regards
    Dr. Sameer Al Saleh
    Certified Brain Surgeon; PHD, BBA, SOB, STFU..
    Mob: +666 99564879
    Tel Aviv

  81. This is an SUV that sells from its practicality rather than its looks… I loved its 1st 2 generations.. Anything after that looks funny..

  82. well, looks are important now. but toyota won’t be bothered. they know they’ll sell their cars based on its earlier popularity…

  83. Well, to me toyota will always remain an ugly duckling with a very good technologies

  84. I like Toyota Prado, but all models imported to our region (MEA) is less equipped than those in Europe and Australia πŸ™

  85. Hello …..!
    I want to order TOYOTA PRADO! I am from KYRGYZSTAN! How I can do it?

  86. hij is heel gespierd. khoop dat er voor belgie een 3000literdiesel te verkrijgen zal zijn en de prijs niet hoger zal zijn dan model2005. khoop dat ik er ook eentje krijg van mijn vrouw. voor mij mag t een zwarte zijn

  87. What a dissappointment! The existing model is more muscular and dynamic looking than the new one. The new one is just a blown up version of RV 4 and does not stand out from the looks of Klugger and Landcruiser. I think TOYOTA has made a mistake in this design and it’s going to lose some of the SUV market share as a result.

  88. they won’t lose anything. ppl buy these for resale value.

  89. here you go folks, the answers to all your questions.


  90. One must be crazy to pay for this DUBBA 4×4 where you can get luxury 4×4 in the same price.

    So expensive that it is now termed as rich people 4×4 with no brains, sorry to be open

  91. @ Shahid… Name one luxury 4Γ—4 u can get at the price and capabilities of the prado….. Yeah!! Didn’t think so. Some ppl just wanna crap into cyber space!

  92. best 4×4 in the world…. jealous KIA/Hyundai fans… LOOOL

  93. I agree. These guys are probable KIA and Hyundai Employees (cant imagine a Fan club for them unless they live in some third world country, no offence). Makes you wonder what benefits these guys from saying nonsense like ppl buy these cars ONLY if they have no brains or only for its resale value??? And it suprises me that these guys have been on this website for soo long. You would have thought that they would have learnt something by now.

    I agree that its also the resale value which attracts the buyers but the factors governing the resale price is the combination of Reliability, Performance, Design, etc. How in the world otherwise would it have a resale value… Sheesh!

  94. You drive one of these dont you??!! defensive..

  95. I mean I don’t get it, now the new Prado looks so much like its brother the Land Cruiser. But whats the point, same Make, and two models that are quiet similar. It even looks big, like the LC, even the outside is the same. And the tail lights, damn they’re ugly. That whiteness (reverse lights) that Japanese cars use is pretty ugly, they should start minimizing it…
    o’ well, luckily im not a SUV fan, just have the monster Wrangler for the desert, and my lovely Evo for day and track use.

  96. Realy this cars wonderfull.why this cars still not publish in europe.!How can keep this as scret for my knowlege in soth asia normarl peoples can’t buy becouse of the hevy tax and duty,But politican with duty free permid thy surly normarl peoples can watch and injoye.may be 3 -4 years later normarl peoples could bye ..!

  97. @ Asad: If you look at other articles you will see that I have praised other cars (not just hyundai-Kias). Infact I even praised the new 4Runner which is a toyota. the prado is truly ugly.

  98. and how it gets a resale value? well, in the past. toyota had some really amazing cars for the time and thats where they built their reputation but once they reached the top, they dont care about their cars cuz they know ppl will just buy it for the name and resale value.

    but it’s changing now. looking at the new 4Runner, I think toyota is starting to focus on the factors that made it so successful in the first place.

  99. Guys, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder!!!!!
    Anyway, I think the old version looks much better not because I own one!!). Yes it is pretty basic at that price but the fact is Prado is a very practical vehicle (except for the price of course), it is good for everyday cruising, little bit of off-roading, good ground clearance etc. This is my fourth year and I have clocked 65K on it,and it has been very reliable and served pretty well. I think I will use it for may be another 2-3 years!

    BUT I think I should have gone for the Nissan Pathfinder (old model)at the time I bought this. I would swap mine with the old Pathfinder any time!!!

  100. @BJD Boris… Whatever helps u sleep at night KIA boy


  101. @ Asad…. You really need to see your langauge, a bit offensive, i agree with @ BJD Boris/ He is very logical and positive unlike you in communication too.
    If you like then go ahead dont be pissed off.

  102. We have a 2004 Lexus GX 470 SUV. I call it
    a glorified Toyota 4Runner(US version).
    But it is really is wonderful luxury suv. It
    appears to have the same body panels
    as the 2009 Prado. The GX has a cooler front facia
    & hidden spare tire. I suspect that the
    new Lexus will have same body as the
    2010 Prado. No more add on plastic fender
    molding & trim. Flares are stamped into
    sheet metal on 2010. I like it.

  103. it really isnt worth talking to you die-hard fans. anything thts toyota is good to y’all. no matter how ugly or boring they look. the only toyotas that really look good are the FJ and new 4Runner.

  104. BJD,IMO even FJ sucks, with all that faux interior!!!!!! And 4Runner is not here!!!!!

  105. i know 4RUnner is not sold here. Toyota hates us or probably knows that Prado’s too ugly for US so they dump it here.
    FJ, is Form-over-Function. looks good but not functional or practical and yea its interior is over-done with the ‘funky’ theme.
    alright, so its only the 4runner that looks good (and the older models of the 90’s (for their time)) but since, 4runner is the very latest from toyota, it seems they might be improving.

  106. I saw a Toyota Highlander in the US, also looks good, but I don’t think it is a real off-roader. I guess it is a crossover. True, none of the better models never land in this part of the world!! The other issue is here we have to go for the dealer prescribed set of options, nothing more nothing less. Unlike in the US where you get the base model and you get to add the options you want (of course at a price!!!).

  107. BJD (Boris)
    Your a toss by the sounds of things, you probley drive an old dodge with a lift kit.
    You would’nt know a good four wheel drive (toyota prado) if it run over you.
    Happy days!!!!!!!!!!

  108. I cant bear to hear negative comments re Toyota Prado’s. I have had a 4L petrol for 3 years now and is the absolute best !! Drives well and super comfartable and quiet. More power than a normal person will ever need and I will happily jump in right now and drive to Cape Town (1600km’s). The only thing I dont like about the new model is the shape but for me “Forever Toyota” !! I have owned over 12 new ones for pwersonal and the business since 1992 and have never been dissapointed !!

  109. looking very weel %100

  110. opinion can only pubish once i see the real one and hope that prices would not have been sky high as what rumors are going around. Prado is in the category of vehicle that we call it 7 seater but last 2 seats are so crampy that even kids are un comfortable. I hope this time Toyota must have been provided a lot more leg space in prado that was not there in previous models or else it will be simple disapointment. V6 is ok when someone compare with same category vehicle such as Nissan Pathfinder but still pathfinder has its edge upto the model 2006. i beleive if Nissan would keep the same model in pathfiner and try to produce a bigger version, it would be un beatable but they have made blunder when intoroduced little armaba in shape of Pathfinder 2007 and onwards.

  111. Toyota and Nissan, contact me if you really like to achieve something that u can just dream. I am not expert but have guts to show what need to be done

  112. Well, 2009 Prado VX is a luxury, defensive, reliable car. the engine V6 with 3.5L makes the car run like a wind. While, 2010 Prado at first, i thought it is a cherry car!.

  113. Just We can say a wonderful car
    that means toyota is the firest in would.

  114. nice shape and a lot of detail taken from the land crusier i think that a lot of people they will go for this car , me i like it but ofcource we have to buy the category of no. 2 this the min. to get some luxary option if u buy category 3 problem its like everything manual .

  115. Guys…
    If Prado was not Gr8.. they would not have so many sales .. unfortunately some dont realize and think their wranglers and evo’s are the best

  116. hiee
    we want information about Gr4 prado

  117. hi i saw new model of PRADO. its look similar to LAND CRUISER… i dont know how they make the new model. if u will compare this shape with old one . new shape is nothing as compare to old one . old one has executive look. i love to use TOYOTA but with this shape i will not prefer PRADO as my choice.

  118. really its bad looking

  119. Super sure i will change as soon as it reach

  120. iraq sulaimanya
    asry markt

  121. We decided to buy a Prado for our Growth in life by all means and the same shall happen by my Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you for the good design you have provided

  122. TOYOTA is crap in fact all the japanese cars are crap why pay so much for a lousy 4.0L V6, 7 seater offroder paying more than 140k dhs when you could buy a proper trail rated off roader which looks way better than this piece of shit which comes with a five star safety rating, a 4.7L v8, full time 4wd with low range and 5year/100,000km warranty the 2010 JEEP COMMANDER

  123. JEEPS rule pure fun and satisfaction

  124. i dont know whats good about it, but jap. know how to make cars, but some of them are shit.. plus why the hell do you pay so much and end up with a power windows, a pathetic stereo no leather, no sunroof and lots of other things ( except for the full option model) when you can buy a GMC acadia

  125. Jehan,

    HAHAHAHA… funny shit man… nice one. But seriously.. Trail Rated is just a marketing badge on the Jeep lot of vehicles. There are several other vehicles which can pulverize the Jeeps performance off road. How about we challenge the Commander V8 against the Landcruiser V8.. in a course containing steep hills, dunes, Moguls etc. .. which one do you think will get out of the mess?? The Trail rated Commander?

    Toyotas combine performance with comfort.

    Jeeps- well the wrangler has the off road performance, i will admit but they lack comfort and once back on road.. well you should know better.

  126. toyota prado 2010 diesel

  127. r baiju one of prado diesel

  128. I think the new Prado Land Cruiser 2010 model is an improvement. We need to drive it for confirmation. It’s like a new bride, waiting to explore. Problem is people dont get used to innovations easily.

  129. Pathfinder is my favorite car in my whole world

  130. i like Prado very much.

  131. HI,i like prado,really 2010 model so beautyfull.plz plz give me 1 PRADO.PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

  132. MY PHONE NO 0096555640628 FROM KUWAIT.


  134. hi to all.its true the new prado looks so much like the landcruiser and it is quite expensive.but as an AFRICAN its already becoming common

  135. can u send me interior pictures of toyota land cruiser prado 2010 vx v6

  136. wow..i have one of these

  137. Hi what happened to my previous message? Why suddenly got removed? Anyway just need help from anybody who knows about the Prado 2010 VX-L dubai ver. Just need info on how to add HAC and DAC option on the unit. It only have the crawl control and the multi terrain select option. Thanks and more power!

  138. y r u guys commentn if u r not purchasing it,shame on u all…..well i need 2 of those,how can i get it in nigeria?

  139. wonderful latest model of toyota landcruiser prado
    and i have been bought it in 01/01/2010.

  140. what is it’s look and shining very.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v beautyful

  141. wonderful latest model of toyota landcruiser prado
    and i have been bought it in 01/01/2010.
    this vehicle is very luxery

  142. I like prado 2010 and i have prado in black color.

  143. i like this prado

  144. looks good from outside and maybe it will be good from inside like other toyotas model cuz looks goods from outside but inside very bad and less feature

  145. i also like this car bt i dont think that this car has the looks as the previous.interior may be stunning.


  147. what is the price of toyota prado 2010????

  148. I Like all toyota producte bcs, it is best car.

  149. why prado 50 lakh? what is this? no great outer design. no extra features. no excellent specification. nothing . just a look of a jeep which people used to go up in hills. totally outfit for off roads, okkkkkkkkkkk i got the answer. money have no value……………………..

  150. toyota prado rockxxxxxxxxxxx!!!!!!!!!

    its very cool

    i like toyota and lexus

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