Aston Martin Cygnet minicar based on Toyota

Aston Martin Cygnet minicar based on Toyota

In an embarrassingly desperate move by struggling supercar-maker Aston Martin, the Kuwaiti-owned British company has developed a new luxury commuter concept, dubbed the Cygnet. Named after a baby swan, the mini-car directly bases itself on the Euro-spec Toyota iQ, but with a slant towards more luxury.

The Cygnet concept “represents a creative, environmentally conscious solution, being small, yet with presence – and highly fuel efficient, now combined with the prestige of Aston Martin’s luxury brand ownership.”

While still in concept form, the Cygnet should not be mistaken for a joke. It is Aston Martin’s attempt to branch out beyond the realm of overpriced sports cars, much like Porsche, but in a completely different direction.

If it comes into production, it will compete with Mercedes-Benz’s Smart ForTwo and even BMW’s Mini, although it remains to be seen how many confused people there are who will pay top dollar for a redone Toyota iQ economy car.


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  1. 😯 wha…? this is a joke right? so umm, this is for one of those ppl who have lots of money? lmao!
    if any ANY guy can afford this, they’ll go for a larger car. (larger as in, a B/C-seg car).
    that is unless its as cheap as the iQ which i doubt.

  2. yea well, even after all that it does look good…

  3. There was a craze for the smart car when it launched. If this car can create a similar craze about it, then it might sell. If not, than it’ll fade away like the Mercedes b-class….

  4. Author

    The bottom image is of an actual Toyota iQ. But it will probably look almost the same.

  5. If it is say about £5k more than a Toyota IQ to me it’s definatley worth it. Excusivity and it will hold it’s price better and probably be an instant classic. I think it is most people’s only realistic dream of buying a new aston Martin and so on that front it will be in high demand

  6. they are not joking huh?? i want to buy this stuff if available in UAE..Aston Martin will soon be my new baby..the question is..what about for the fuel consumption per km??

  7. My answer for faisal is that the mercedes b-class is more in demand then ever, I know a guy that owns a mercedes dealership in canada, and there is more people willing to buy it then 3 years ago. I think that this aston martin will also be in demand. It simply needs good publicitiy and lots of celebrities driving it!

  8. aston-martin badge on the otherwise excellent IQ3
    will it sell….i should bl…y think so… a great car but please aston….turbocharge it….wow

  9. @Mashfique Hussain Chowdhury,
    Do you realise that this isn’t an ’embarassingly desperate move by struggling supercar maker’ Aston Martin, but an obligation because of European Union emissions laws, right? Each car company has to reach a lower emissions average. Bugatti are fine, as they are part of VW, but stand-alone companies such as Aston Martin, Pagani, Lamborghini etc. simply have to make smaller cars to lower their emissions.

  10. Author

    ^So you just proved my point further…

  11. @Jimi, i agree with u but isnt it sad to c that that now there is goin to be one minger across the whole range of such standalone companies like Pagani n Aston Martin. these r beautifully made cars n there r already enough civics, corollas n sunnys in the world to balance the act of emissions caused by Lambos n Aston Martins, which r so rare in number as well. or may be its difficult to understand such policy-makers?

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