2010 BMW X1 crossover revealed early

2010 BMW X1 crossover revealed early

2010 BMW X1
We skipped all the useless “teasers” that BMW kept releasing for the 2010 X1 crossover and waited for the full details to come out. And the details did leak out.

The reveal of the BMW X1 is a complete non-event, considering it looks exactly the same as the X1 Concept which debuted at the 2008 Paris Motor Show.

2010 BMW X1

Inside, the X1 features a melted-look dashboard, with an integrated iDrive screen and generic controls. Space seems limited in the rear, considering it is based on the sub-compact BMW 1-Series.

When the X1 is officially launched later this year, the base petrol model will be the xDrive18i. The top model is expected to be the xDrive28i. Both have engines derived from the 1-Series, and feature all-wheel-drive as standard. Rear-wheel-drive sDrive models are expected by next year, with manual and automatic gearbox choices.

As much as the xDrive models are shown here attempting to tackle some gravel, these car-based crossover wagons are strictly for on-road driving.

The 2010 BMW X1 is expected to be officially unveiled at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show in September. Expect the GCC version to hit the UAE by early next year.

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  1. I like it since its going to replace the X3.

  2. look better then x3

  3. @ fufu…. 3aib… e7key be aslik… 👿

  4. BMW: Overpriced, no long term reliability, high running costs….Lexus & Infinity,,, much better…

  5. Lexus much better!!!!! hahahaha…you must be kidding me!!! 😆

  6. Hey Faisal… am serious, but i assume you did not read my comments,,, Pricing, Running Costs and Reliability… Infinity & Lexus win… unless you do not know Lexus 😉

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