Mitsuoka Orochi and other Japanese oddities

Mitsuoka Orochi and other Japanese oddities

2007 Mitsuoka Orochi
Most car enthusiasts know of the Mitsuoka Orochi, an organic “supercar” that started life as a concept car in 2001, and finally reaching production in late 2006. Built by Mitsuoka Motors in Japan, the final version turned out to be popular only for its styling, as it was powered by a basic 230 hp 3.3-litre Toyota V6. However, few know about the custom coach-building activities of the Japanese company. Mitsuoka is active in their home-country, rebuildling current-generation Japanese cars to resemble British vehicles of the 1950s and 1960s. And some of their creations are downright hokey.

One of their latest models is the 2008 Mitsuoka Galue 204. It is a compact sedan with redesigned front and rear sections.

2008 Mitsuoka Galue 204

If you haven’t figured it out yet, the car above is none other than a 2008 Toyota Corolla.

Another one of their interesting creations is the 2005 Mitsuoka Ryoga. Again, this one is also based on a compact sedan, although it looks longer after the conversion.

2005 Mitsuoka Ryoga

Most people are more familiar with the original car, which happens to be a simple 2005 Nissan Sunny.

Their various other models are based on Japanese-spec sedans and sub-compact “kei” cars, largely from Nissan, and a few from Mazda, Honda and even Ford. Mitsuoka has been in business for more than a decade now, which means they are finding buyers for their cars in Japan itself.

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  1. I went inside there showroom once.

    Here is al Otabia are the dealer in Abu Dhabi.

    From inside it is exactly the same as the normal car.

    They had the once based on Mustang and Infinity M45. only the front and back is done but the rest is exactly the same and even from the inside.

    I remeber the model based on the M45 is about 290,000

  2. Author

    You are saying Mitsuoka has a dealer in Abu Dhabi? I’d never have guessed.

  3. yeah their showroom is next to maqta bridge..cpl days back i saw the mitsuoka converted mustang in hamdan street driven by a lady…the most beautiful mitsuoka i guess is himika which is a converted version of mazda mx5 which looks like a morgan…

  4. Saw these cars in top gear Series 11

  5. Guess it close to where I used to study in college.

    The dealers that are next to my college:

  6. Do you have a Dealer in Bahrain for Mitsuoka?

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