2010 Chevy Camaro suffers manual gearbox failures

2010 Chevy Camaro suffers manual gearbox failures

Who says manual transmissions are less of a headache than automatics? It seems that there are various reports by American owners of the 2010 Chevrolet Camaro who say that they were breaking their car when using the launch control feature that comes only with manual 2010 Camaro models.

According to Autoblog, many reports have begun popping up in the Camaro5 forums about issues with V8-powered Camaro SS models with the manual transmission. It seems that doing a hard launch or using the launch control system sometimes results in a broken output shaft, which renders the muscle-car completely impotent and in need of a tow-truck to the nearest dealer garage.

Autoblog also spoke with a General Motors spokesman who said that a “factory hold” has been put on deliveries of manual-transmission V8 Camaro models while Chevrolet engineering teams investigate the problem. So the U.S. government-owned company is aware of the issue, and a recall is likely. If you happen to have pre-purchased a manual GCC-spec Camaro SS in the UAE, be sure to keep in touch with your dealer, who probably isn’t aware of this recent development.

Update: Having spoken to a GM Middle East spokesperson, the 2010 Camaro has not been delivered to any GCC customers yet, and while the sales of manual V8 models will be halted for now until the problem is fixed, the sales of V6 and V8 automatic models will proceed next month. Further info on the issue here.

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  1. and this proved what i said before (when people talked about the GTR): that no one is protected againest the LC system…now this is strange to happen for a manual gear box loooooool…at least the GTR has a DC trany where all the power is transmitted using clutchs “basicly” not BIG gears…

    looooooooool…good luck chevy

  2. But still I would take the Corvette against the GTR anytime of the day. GTR does not have this exotic thing but it only a Playstation car by the end of the day 😛

    GM is going down with these Camaro it looks like even Bomberbee and Optiums wont help them there

  3. people kept talking about a problem with the gtr that nissan warned the owners about it..and people start saying the trany is made of chocolate…and till now…there are 3 stupid problems in the almighty camaro and people even in autoblog are giving it excuses…BTW: i didnt watch transformers at all both of them…but as one of the readers there said..all the robot transformation and the adds..and all this happened. its really funny thing to see…but you can see that there are alot of blind people who are still buying those cars just trying to imagine that what happened in a movie will happen to them ;)…i dont think that this makes the car exotic…charts and performance specs make the car exotic…not the opposite..

  4. just proves that “dont expect reliability from americans!”

  5. but still a Corvette is a legends and it more relieable.

    maybe the Camaro is not good but many of the American cars are reliable just go to Riyad and see how many American cars.

  6. my friend..you know and i know why american cars are selling like hot cakes…the fuel there is cheaper than water..and because american cars are known with the ability to handle the heat of our desert…and if the vette is a legend…then you dont know anything about the old generations of japanese super cars…and especially the GTR (skyline)…

  7. I knew the GTR when the time it was called Prince Skyline Mohammed. I was a big fan of R31.

    Corvette is a legend forever nobody could deny that. If Jeremy Clarkson who hates American cars only praised the ZR-1. Let nor forget the the 60s Stingray. The Mustang and Corvette are popular car icon.

    The Nissan Skyline was not that much known only in end of 90s with the help of Grand Turismo.

  8. Author

    True about the Gran Turismo bit. Till I got the expensive etisalad internet in 1999 as a high-schooler, I only heard rumours of the Skyline “that is so fast that it is banned here” nonsense. I could only picture the 1988 R31 model since I knew someone with a 4-door one back in the 80s.

  9. When the R31 left all of the Omanis cried and got a Maxiema and Cressida 😀

  10. who told you that nissan car became famous after 90s…just go and read about the racing history of this car …and for your info…this car with the BMW 3 series were banned from many races with the american muscle cars by introducing some stupid regulations…those cars “the skyline and the BMW” used to win many races in a row that made those races boring, because of this they introduced those regulation..and my father owned one (Datsun before nissan) but was a 4 cylinder…and this happened before the 90s…i admit that vette is a legend car interms of history…but still, talking about their cars as if they are the only ones is wrong..actually looking at their cars right now proves that all the hype and muscle cars talk is something from the past when not everyone ownd a TV…i never saw a car manufacturer that launch a car with a nose that cracks at high speeds..and its a “muscle car”…and if we look at the viper…it can be called a “junk car” with its 8.0 engine “as i said before a TRUCK engine” it drinks fuel more than any car..and was full with problems…and people are still saying its a legend car with muscles..the corvette is the same but the only car that survived till now with the mustang…

    Skyline was the only car that can handle a 1000 hp with its original block…and people used to like it everywhere …not just in oman or because of computer game…this car proved that it has abilities that cant be found in any american muscle car..with its small engine..and heavy weight..and people are comparing it with the strongest vette made till now “ZR-1″….

    after all..every person has his own taste and way of thinking…

    but what can be seen right now from news is very clear…

  11. Does that mean the CSV CR8’s gearbox can break too? Since both are Australian built..

  12. I mean developed in Australia..probably would’ve been more reliable if built in Australia, lol

  13. The Corvette is a legend. It might be made in America but that does not diminish the stature the car held in the past and still holds even with all these new sports cars. Anyone who argues that it was/is a great car needs to get his facts right. It’s like saying the 911 is not a legendary car which would be blasphemy…

    The GTR is not a skyline. People might call it that but the way Nissan dropped the skyline badge just proves how they wanted to shed the image of it being a tuners super/sports car. They wanted it to be a super/sports car without the after market stuff which they surprisingly managed quite well….A skyline however good handling wise it was, it was underpowered/slow when completely stock. It was the after market stuff that made it a modern day legend or fad, whatever you want to call it.

    Anyway coming to the Camaro, never liked it, always was and is a poor mans corvette. I suppose they did some R&D cost cutting with the Camaro when it came to anything apart from the designing part…

  14. hi MR. faisal…i think you should read about the skyline and the GTR history more…and if you think they dropped the name because they wanted people to forget about the skyline then you are totally wrong “how they are gona let us forget about the legend”…actually the famous rear lights and the racing computer was famous in old models and still in the new model..and the ATTESA-ETS 4wd system is also in the old models…but as i said…people are blinded by adds..just look at the procedures that the chief engineer took to manufacture the new GTR..and you will notice the opposite to what you said…They are underpowerd and slow when we look back 20 years..when it was stronger than all the cars you mentioned..till now many manufactuerers cant find the secret behind its performance charts although it is “as you said” UNDERPOWERED AND HEAVY….like porsche which accused nissan for their record..and chevy are scared because muzino till now didnt show the time of the SpecV in track…i was looking at the link of wiki about the skyline and found some interesting stuff that you and eazy mas maybe would like to read..BTW: iam with you about what you said about porsche..their cars are legends and especially the CGT…but most of the american muscle cars lost there “muscles” loooooooool…the corvette is the only one survived with the mustang as i said…with their truck engines…

  15. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Skyline_GT-R

    read the first part and the motorsport section “if you have no time”…
    those are some interesting stuff about the slow and underpowered skyline:
    “This car was nicknamed “Godzilla” by the Australian motoring publication “Wheels” in its July 1989 edition, a name that sticks to this day.”
    “The Skyline GT-R (R33) was also the first production car to lap the legendary Nürburgring in under eight minutes.”
    “The car was named by BBC’s Top Gear as the only true Japanese contribution in the line of Supercars.[6] The car was also named by the main presenter of the show, Jeremy Clarkson, as one of the best cars in the world.[7][8]”
    “The GT-R’s history of racetrack dominance began with its 50 victories scored from 1968-1972, including 49 consecutive wins in the Japanese race circuit. Nissan pulled out of racing shortly after the release of the KPGC110.”
    “No other race victories by the GT-R could escape without controversies. ” LOOOOOOOOL liked this sentence..reminds me with something 😉


  16. well without the American muscle there wont be a Skyline nor Japanese upgrades.

    The Mustang was one of the first car to make upgrading popular.

    To be frank, If ther competition between Japanese and American companies was even it would mean that Japanese was ended long time ago.

    Corvette and Mustang are legends to there own right. They are bigger car icon than the Skyline, Supra or Evo combined.

    About the R33 or R34 handling it handle like not too well and was known to be heavy.

    without American car manufactuers ordianry people like you and me wont own a car. Herny Ford prespective of making the people who make the car could own it. It was also because of the manufacturing of guns by Colt but that is another story.

  17. First Paragraph on wikipedia when you look up Nissan Skyline.

    “The Nissan Skyline is a mid-size car originally produced by the Japanese carmaker Prince Motor Company starting in 1957 and later by Nissan after the two companies merged in 1966. It is available in either coupé, or sedan or wagon body styles. The current Skyline is sold in North America, South Korea, Taiwan, and the Middle East as the Infiniti G37.”

    Infiniti G37 a skyline, you must be kidding me… 😯

    Anyway…you seem to have lifted facts right off the GT-R page. You could have saved time by just linking us to it.

    Again, I was talking about the Stock Skyline, which to my info was the R35(I don’t count the infiniti as skylines), had a 280hp engine even though many say it was advertised lower than it was (claims of it being 300+hp) in the late 90’s I think. That is indeed quite less. It’s the V-spec version and the after market tuner versions that were fabulously fast not the stock version which was plain average but had a shining glory in the form of it’s handling. Even in those times, no one in there right mind would compare a stock skyline with a 911 or a corvette. It’s like comparing a Galant V6 with a Infinity G37…

    I’m not a skyline hater. Seriously!! I just hate the playstation crowd who talk about skylines and turbos like they can built a brand new engine out of tissue paper when they don’t know which direction a nut is screwed(pun intended!)

  18. as you said..those japanese cars were manufactured for a purpose…which is to compite with german and italian rivals..starting from this GTR to the comming LF-A …they never thought of the muscle cars power..because they are all based on movies and stories..their engines are not efficient and they are underpowered when we look at the size of them…their quality are below average…the only thing they are doing well is how to improve the sound of their engines…its good that chevy launched a supercharged Z06..so that vette fans can keep up with the others..lets wait for whats coming from them…

  19. WHAT 😯 😯 : this is the first paragraph:

    “The Nissan Skyline GT-R is a Japanese sports car based on the Nissan Skyline range. “..it seems you didnt read something…So the spec V is not considered as a stock then…with its 350 Hp …loooooool…

    “Infiniti G37 a skyline, you must be kidding me”

    this is another reason for dropping the name of the Skyline car…

    “You could have saved time by just linking us to it.” ….the link is above my friend.

    “I was talking about the Stock Skyline, which to my info was the R35(I don’t count the infiniti as skylines), had a 280hp engine even though many say it was advertised lower than it was (claims of it being 300+hp) in the late 90’s I think. ”

    looooooool..the R35 had 280 Hp?!?!?..looooool ..the R35 is the last generation with 485hp 😕

    “I just hate the playstation crowd who talk about skylines and turbos like they can built a brand new engine out of tissue paper when they don’t know which direction a nut is screwed(pun intended!) ”

    i dont know whats the relation between cars and making an engine out of paper…BTW: i know which direction a nut is screwed loool 😉

  20. Muscle cars never were the worlds fastest cars. They never claimed to be or tried to be. They were adrenalin pumping machines and they were damn good at it….you just don’t get it.

    Anyway muscle cars like the challenger(old one), charge(old one), mustang, camaro(old one), corvette are legendary cars….period!!! Just like the skyline, Evo, supra, eclipse are the playstation crowds legendary cars….

  21. “were adrenalin pumping machines and they were damn good at it”

    this is a very good sentence…thats it..they are just giving the driver some feeling as if he is in a transformer movie looooool

  22. Faisal you forgot the Ford 32′ and the Chevy 64.

    The best time for American cars was in the 60s begining of 70s then the American screwed up in the 80s.

    But frankly the new GTR is very hard to upgrade it. It goes away from the old one where you buy it and start putting upgrades. It has too many electronics in it and very complex. The American muscle has the only the big V8.

    People forgot what the the truck engine did to the Ferrari at Le Mans with the GT40.

  23. mohammad….the transformer movies came 50 years after the muscle cars were invented. Sheesh!!! Just because chevy decides to use it now to promote itself doesn’t mean that the company wants people to believe in the whole transformation thing…it’s a advertisement, take facts with a pint of salt…

    Eazy_mas…I just threw some of the known names to make it easy for him to understand but it’s a lost cause. I wish people weren’t such car haters and accept that many cars are good in different ways which make them legends. Many people call the Corolla a legend and I would agree…not sure how many other people will agree to that.

    Muscle cars were not just about the V8s; they are about being relatively fast, cheap, simple and a pain to drive. Some really good ingredients to enjoy oneself.

  24. The Corrolla is a legend espeically in the 90s it was king of it class. The Civic was also close behind.

    as much as GM promotes Camaro on transformer the Japanese car company promoted there car on Grand Turismo as well as Fast & Furious.

    But truthfully owning those high upgraded cars makes me look like a hooligan which is not a good thing once you reach a certain age and level. Like the Evo X is a good car if I was in college but once I have a family it a different story.

  25. I would disagree. You can have a crazily fast car like the Evo and still be a family man. It might seem a little radical, but it is still a 4+1 seater… 😎

  26. yeah but it not about being crazy fast it more of the styling and the intior is abit lancer like.

  27. American carmakers, they just never learn. Japanese still build better & more reliable cars & they already beat them on their own ground..

    If only they dedicated at least 1/5 of the budget they blew on advertising this car for the sake of improving its quality & reliability… Plenty of recalls have been reported on this car..

    So many fuss & ads for this camaro & the end result is it proudly continues the tradition of unreliable camaros of the mid 80s & 90s… What a fuss..

    American cars had brighter days before the oil embargo, the revolution of Japanese cars & their stupid cost cutting scenarios. Now they r still struggling in terms of building quality cars & regaining the trust of their consumers.
    Personally & today, i would never buy a modern American car ever again; me & friends i know all had bad & costy experiences running American cars.. Apparently this camaro is not a different story on the long run..

    & for those that think the Evo X is a college kid’s car, think twice… This car is not meant for kids (thats if college kids can afford 1/2 of its price); its a proper race machine for proper & mature enthusiasts. As in grown ass men in their 30+ that r looking for a proper sports car that serves its purpose.. Hence not a car to pose around like a BMW or a Merc…

  28. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah!!!!!!!

  29. It was actually impractical to be reminiscing and looking backwards with the concept of the design which was made popular in the late 60’s and early 70’s. Restyling it using the same design with those fat and thick trims was actually stupid. Move forward guys !

  30. camaro is a problem….lolz

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