Hyundai-Kia beats Ford, becomes 4th largest automaker

Hyundai-Kia beats Ford, becomes 4th largest automaker

Hyundai-Kia Automotive Group, has become the fourth largest auto manufacturer in the world. Based on figures from the Automotive News Data Centre, the Korean carmaker has overtaken Ford, which saw its sales fall by more than 30% in 2009.

Results for all of last year saw Hyundai-Kia trail Ford by around 1 million units, but the Koreans seemingly beat the global recession by producing affordable cars at a time when most needed.

Just 10 years ago, the newly-unified Korean company was in 11th place overall, but rapid globalisation has seen state of the art factories being built in several countries including Slovakia, the United States and China. It is all the more impressive because they did it with only two brands, unlike Volkswagen, which is in third place with almost ten different brands and countless mediocre models. Incidentally, VW is going to absorb 42% of debt-laden Porsche soon, making the sports-car company its latest brand acquisition.


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  1. HKAG are ahead only by around 8000 units. But the recession makes it rather unpredictable what could happen the second half.

  2. Honda deserves better than this………… these are not the correct results in Asia and the middle east

  3. these results are total global sales. Asia, middle east included. things are kinda different in US, canada and europe. Kia is much much more popular there compared to Asia.

  4. genesis coupe has arrived in uae…its only full options and price is 110K…only 2 colors available as of now…

  5. Author

    Thanks for the update. I am guessing they are V6 automatics?

  6. yeah they r bringin only V6…18″ wheels, xenon, 10 speaker infinity, sunroof, brembo brakes, 6speed automatic, leather seats etc…its really awesome car for 110K…initially they have only few peices and its all white and black….

  7. lol i dunnow how VW is in 3rd position….they recalling most of their latest cars with DSG havin gearbox problem….

  8. beware if anyone is plannin to buy new GTI….

  9. VW just has a lot of other companies to share sales numbers and profits with…

  10. all cars frm VW stable including skoda n seat cars are full of trouble and they are most expensive to maintian but dont understand how come ppl r still buyin it….

  11. one brand that has improved most in recent times is FORD n i am sure they would be back to their old glory in 5 – 6 yrs time….especially with their new fiesta, fusion and taurus….

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