RTA buses go high-tech in Dubai

As part of its awareness campaign aimed at highlighting the benefits of using public transport buses, the Dubai Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) is paying special attention to safety and security measures on board its buses, by equipping them with the latest safety systems to ensure meeting international safety standards.

RTA has equipped its new fleet of buses with i-Shift gear system, specially designed to increase driver’s comfort and reduce the risks of road accidents. The buses are also fitted with the Electronic Stability Program (ESP) that gives drivers a better control of the bus, ensures its stability on the road and significantly minimizes the risk of skidding or sliding, thus boosting passengers comfort.

In accordance with international safety and security standards, RTA has fitted all its buses with emergency exits and windows, in addition to modern alarm systems, fire extinguishers and first aid kits.
To make sure these measures are standards and well optimized, RTA organizes special training course for bus drivers so that they know the locations and operation of all emergency exits & windows on both sides of the bus, rear exits as well as roof hatches. Drivers are also trained to know the location and method of lifting the fire extinguisher and First Aid Kit from their brackets, as well as the location and usage of any communication equipment on board the bus.

As part of its strive to keep up with the latest technology advancements, and implementing them to boost services offered to Dubai residents, the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has equipped its modern fleet of buses with a range of new technologies that ensure passenger comfort and enhance the experience of using public transportation.

In addition to being clean and of high quality, the new buses boast a modern air-conditioning system that eliminates unpleasant odors; something that has always bothered commuters. The buses are also equipped with an electronic destination display system, and are fitted with screens and personal reading lights.

Taking into consideration the comfort of women, children and elders; RTA has provided special seats for these people. It has also provided a low-floor and a dedicated entrance and seating area to serve the requirements of people with special needs.

Air-conditioned bus shelters, spread across the city, were fitted with maps to show bus tracks, and lights that flash to indicate passengers waiting for the bus. RTA is also offering a unified payment system using prepaid cards (NOL), which can be used on its bus, metro, water bus systems, and paying the parking fees

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  1. every time I see ‘NOL’ I read it as ‘LOL’ lolz! the busses are gr8 although the articulated bus is a big fail! it’s kinda unpredictable on turns so you get distracted when driving next to it. ironically, for their huge length. they have less seats than a regular bus. Solaris ingle deck are longer than the Neoplan. the double deck Neoplan are good for carrying a lot of people but are slow and annoying when you are behind them. in a rating of 1-5 (5 being the lowest score) here’s how I rate them
    1. Solaris single-deck
    2. Neoplan double deck
    3. Neoplan single deck
    4. Merc-benz single deck
    5. Neaplan/solaris articulated. totally not necessary.

  2. I haven’t been on a public bus in the last 5 years. For obvious reasons, I always have a car lying around that needs to be driven. But I did go to college by the bus service, even when I had a car. It’d be stupid of people to avoid public transport even after it actually became a decent option.

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