Honda Accord Crosstour makes hated debut

Honda Accord Crosstour makes hated debut

2010 Honda Accord Crosstour
The all-new 2010 Honda Accord Crosstour made its first appearance in early official photos. Aimed at the U.S. market, it is a slightly-lifted crossover based on the Accord sedan, and will likely be offered with all-wheel-drive and a 3.5-litre V6 engine. But the bigger news is the amount of hate it is generating.

Attempting to capitalise on the Facebook craze, American Honda set up a “fan” page for the Crosstour on the social-networking site. Thousands of Honda fanboys signed up to the group, only to post hateful comments about how ugly the car is and how the company has deviated from its original goals. It makes for hilarious reading, and Honda employees have even been caught planting fake positive comments.

Check out the Facebook page here, and the media coverage here. With so much negativity, it wouldn’t be a surprise if the company killed the model before it even debuted properly.

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  1. if this is some kind of sports back like maz6, well it sucks.

  2. i think Honda is following BMW by getting a Chris bangle type of guy. (Chris bangle is responsible for the E65/E66, 7 series models, and the phantom).

    the only thing ugly about this car is the grill. yet i think it serves more “function over form”. also look at the new pilot. people hated the look of it and now in Dubai you see about 3 or 5 a day.

    lastly the people in the US should never get hopes up by thinking that honda will let one of their European models will come stateside.

  3. This looks like a cheap rip-off of the Panamera, which is one of the ugliest cars ever built. The Crosstour simply takes ugly to new heights.

  4. OH NO, My EyEs MY EyEs !!!

    Unfortunately I am a Honda Fan of all times , guess I have to crash my accord into a wall and burn it’s remains :mrgreen:

    Im going on the first flight to Japan to chop the designer’s head off, set his house on fire, and drag his headless body behind my car all over tokyo streets to set an example for the Japanese car makers not to shit like this again :mrgreen:

  5. ppl just see its a honda and bought the pilot. ppl here dont really know much about cars and there are very few smart buyers. even worse, sales ppl in showrooms hardly know about cars… the pilot is not all tht bad tho. but its looks are not very appealing. and its pretty much a minivan that looks like a SUV cuz it really can’t be taken off road.

  6. Spending the day cleaning the vomits outta my laptop 😡

  7. If more of this rubbish sells well then.. I will never blame the carmakers… Its those naive consumers r ruining cars with their immature taste…

  8. This one really sucks , Honda is trying to copy BMW , their only genuine design effort has been the civic .They seem to be lost somewhere after the new civic was launched. The new accord sedan resembles a BMW and AUDI from behind. the crosstour had BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo in mind? I own a accord but the previous gen accord was the best in terms of design & performance. in the new one the only good thing to mention is its engine & addons offered in the model. Price wise its gone premium.

  9. Honda has an ex-BMW designer.

  10. OMG! holly crap.. wat da hell did i just see?? is it a car? is it a plane? NO!! its a “trash bin” where u can throw ur money in… like who’s the target market for this crappy metal thing? are they targeting to 70year old american grannys???? the only good thing about the car is its “Honda” badge which is saving it from getting lit on fire.otherwise it wld have been burnt to ashes by now.

  11. I Think Perhaps the designer is a double agent working for either Nissan or Toyota :mrgreen: who was planted in Honda to Savatage the company from the inside . remember guys the disastrous Legend and the awfull Pilot and now the crosstour. 3 kicks’n’ur’Balls in less than 1 year, I dont have any left ” after using the spare ofcoarse ” 🙄

  12. FUGLY! even the 2008 accord (8th gen)is FUGLY and slower than the previous model. sorry if you own one.

  13. the head-designer of this car must have committed suicide by now, for the shame he brought to his life…. he must be sitting in a dark corner of his house and asking himself “what the hell have i done man!!! what was i thinking??? was i too high whn i designed this crap?”…and BANG!!!… a bullet right in the mouth…. and sadly honda lost an asset for which they paid a silent tribute of 1 minute……… and next minute everybody is back to work again.

  14. it will be a good sedan but not a good all wheel. 🙄

  15. HONDA is reknown as amateur of automobile designers in japanese market , but with this crosstour all fame will be lost .

  16. i hate the design…

  17. crap design…..

  18. This new crossover from honda has it all, it looks and drives great. Good job Honda

  19. wawwwww

    thats my future car love it

  20. it looks very sporty & girly i want to get it

  21. There’s hope for it yet it seems..

  22. well ppl.
    i think this is a great design… for a guy who is mid age and can afford a new car like this its quite cool because he can get his family in there… the baby car-seats, the 2 strollers and the grill stuff in the back with the cooler.
    finally it has a big and strong motor where the dad can press the pedal to the medal if he is alone and feel like a youngster..
    i personally believe its a very great looking car…similar are, FX 45, BMW 5-gran tourism o, for 28-33 K US$ u cant get the above
    have fun watching them spread on dubai roads

  23. This is the best car that Honda has ever produced. Forget the looks….drive one and u will see how great it is. Heads and shoulders above (traded in) myAcura RL and wifes MDX for drivability.

  24. Well…the design does disappoint Honda fans which is a bad news for them but its gonna be worse for Hyundai fans coz sooner than later you can expect Hyundai to lift design cues from the cross over and launch an inferior version at half the price…

  25. i bought one recently….guy’s….it’s wonderful car….it’s neither sedan or suv….it’s in between….personally…i think it’s great car.

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