2006-2010 Audi TT & A3 recalled for fire hazard

2006-2010 Audi TT & A3 recalled for fire hazard

With all the hoopla over Toyota’s safety recall for floor mats, some other “quality” brands continue to fly under the radar. Ever-popular German manufacturer Volkswagen is recalling certain 2006-2010 models of the Audi A3, Audi TT and Audi TT Roadster built between September 29, 2005 and August 26, 2009 for defect that could potentially cook the car’s passengers.

According to the U.S. NHTSA safety agency, the “closing force of an internal spring of the fuel tank ventilation valve” is not adequate enough to hold the valve closed under extreme driving conditions, possibly allowing fuel to leak. In the presence of an “ignition source,” a vehicle fire could occur.


Volkswagen’s American dealers will notify around 10,000 U.S. owners, and Audi dealers will replace the fuel tank ventilation valve with an improved valve free of charge. The safety recall is expected to begin during October 2009. There is no word from Audi Middle East regarding this recall, but then again, we haven’t heard from them since 2006.

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    ^ Hehe, the key word there being “accident.” Besides, all GCC-spec Jeep GCs have underbody skidplates to cover the tank. Don’t get hit.

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