Kia Cerato 2010 in UAE and Oman

Kia Cerato 2010 in UAE and Oman

2010 Kia Cerato
While the all-new Kia Cerato has been available in Oman for many months now, Dubai-based dealers are preparing to launch the redesigned compact sedan as a 2010 model.

The 2010 Cerato, known as the Forte in other markets, will initially be available with a 122 hp 1.6-litre engine only in the UAE. According to the Dubai dealer, there will be two trim levels here, namely the LX and the SX, both with 4-speed automatics.

The LX comes with 15-inch wheels and hubcaps, power windows and mirrors, central locking, battery saver, CD stereo, body-coloured exterior plastics and, in typical Kia fashion, a single driver’s airbag.

The SX comes additionally with 17-inch alloy wheels, automatic a/c, some chrome exterior trim, “super vision” gauge cluster, fog lamps, keyless entry and starter button, sunroof, leather steering wheel with audio controls, rear parking sensors, aluminium pedals and automatic headlights. Ironically, while the SX gets rear disc brakes instead of drums, ABS and active headrests, it still gets only one driver’s airbag.

It is possible that a higher-spec 2.0-litre model may become available next year if sales go well, but so far, the offering is underwhelming. Prices have so far not been set yet, but for estimates and detailed specs, visit the Kia Cerato buyer guide.

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  1. keyless starter button, parking sensors and auto headlights!!! O.O I never thought AL Majid would bring these options! o but still, they offer only one airbag… 🙁

  2. Its a copy of Honda Civic 😛

  3. its just the head lights that are from the civic.

  4. Civic interior is far better than this crap

  5. If its much cheaper than a civic then Kia did its job..

  6. well how much should you expect? its cheaper than civic!

  7. KIA = killed in action

  8. I don’t know about UAE but this New Cerato is OLD here & commonly seen among the New Taxis here in Riyadh, KSA

  9. Author

    Do you guys in Saudi get the 2.0L version?

  10. im not sure about the 2.0L version but the base here was starting from SR. 40,000

  11. Any idea about availability of ESP = ELECTRONIC STABILITY PROGRAM ?

  12. loooks nice…actually, Civic’s bro in terms of looks, but not at all a copy i feel…hope they price it competitively!

  13. well it has ESP like all Kias but I doubt Al Majid Motors has taken that option for a small car… You should check with them

  14. It’s my dream …. I even can’t see it in my dream. poor Ali

  15. how much the price for cerato LX 2010?
    price for Cerato SX 2010?

  16. I bought the SX 1.6 FO SR Top Line from Egypt.
    I costed nearly 118,500 EGP.

  17. Friends,

    The best thing I purchased this year is the Kia Cerato.The fact that it is well priced, has beautiful aesthetics and compare favourably with the likes of honda civic and toyota corolla and hyundai cars etc. What of the simplicity and security on wheel? Fantastic! However, the wind screen of mine chattered in three days in a questionable circumstance and the attitude of the dealers based on the terms of the warranty is a suspect.

  18. Kia Cerrato is a Flop & Third Class Car.
    Better go for a Kia Rio instead.

  19. goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood

  20. these cars are amazing but very expensive, try 2 think in poor people. but the world of automobile is going far and so far.

  21. this kia is just a cheat copy of the stupid civic

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