AWR Shift Leasing does first 1200 vehicles

AW Rostamani Group’s specialist vehicle leasing company, ‘Shift Leasing’, has achieved over 1200 leasing vehicles since formation of the company in the third quarter of 2008.

Already accepted as one of the most cost-effective and hassle-free ways of driving and maintaining a new car, the Shift Leasing initiative has offered corporate customers a wide choice of vehicles paired with a seamless vehicle management program designed to give corporate customers the flexibility, and economical nature of vehicle leasing bundled together in an effective solution for company vehicle fleet managers.

“We identified potential growth in the corporate vehicle leasing market last year and designed a one-stop website to handle this business which we fully supported with an appropriate infrastructure and our extensive vehicle inventory”, said Mr. Michel I. Ayat, CEO of AW Rostamani Automotive Group in the UAE. “Our vision for Shift Leasing was to provide competitive pricing on vehicle leasing for both short-term and long-term corporate requirements and as the company now crosses the threshold of 1000 vehicles to date, I am confident the local vehicle leasing market will continue to grow” he continued.

Simply put, instead of paying for a car outright, car leasing allows the purchaser to determine the lease period required and the mileage likely to be covered during that lease period and from this, the required monthly payments are determined. Servicing and insurance coverage costs are typically covered within the monthly payment.

At the end of the lease period, the customer has the flexibility of three options: extending the lease period at lower monthly payments, buying the car at an agreed value, or simply returning the car and walking away.

The website has also made vehicle leasing easier for its customers who can access details regarding their leased vehicle through a corporate login in mechanism. The website can also be used to print receipts online, schedule vehicle servicing and register customer feedback, making vehicle logistics effortless.

Shift Leasing has a large available vehicle portfolio that comprises various Japanese mid-segment brands. “Besides catering to long term leasing requirements of corporate clients, Shift Leasing also provides the option of short-term leasing which to some customers may prove more appealing than full vehicle purchase” commented Ayat.

“There are a number of advantages that both private and public sector clients can count on when leasing, such as being spared the trouble and hassle of fleet management, (from registration to complete Salik tracking), as well as accruing savings on vehicle maintenance and insurance costs because of preferential rates secured by AW Rostamani’s long-standing relationship with insurance companies. We even provide replacement vehicles during maintenance thus ensuring uninterrupted workflow for our corporate clients,” he concluded.

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  1. Do you have a representative/ office/ workshop in Jedda Saudi Arabia.
    Can we arrange to meet if you have ?

    My Mobile 055 751 2800

    Frederick J Furter

  2. I leased my first car 5 years ago and have my third car by know and I have to say it is great to get a new car every two year.

  3. Hi,

    Would like to know if there is a vehicle available for 2000 per month to lease out. Need it urgent. Must include full insurance and maintainance by company provided.

    requiremnt is URGENT.!! please

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