Honda Accord 2010 with Mugen body kit

Honda Accord 2010 with Mugen body kit

2010 Honda Accord Mugen
Celebrating its 50th year in America, Honda kicked off its week at the 2009 SEMA tuner show in Las Vegas with a variety of accessorised Honda models, including an official reveal of a 2010 Accord Sedan fitted with Mugen extras.

Mugen is the in-house tuner brand of the Japanese manufacturer. Honda is making the Mugen accessories available in the United States for the 2010 Accord Sedan on a piece-by-piece basis via U.S. dealers. Available MUGEN accessories for the Accord will include 18-inch alloy wheels, front sports grille, front under-spoiler, side spoiler, rear under-spoiler, sports floor mats, machined aluminium oil filler cap and a distinctive front emblem. All of the painted parts will come colour-matched to popular Accord sedan colours.

Additionally, Honda displayed several accessorised vehicles including the Jazz with Mugen accessories and an Accord Coupe with HFP package. These accessories are not offered in the UAE and GCC.

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  1. It looks good but its nt tht attractive..

  2. Rims sucks big time

  3. not offerd in gcc thats good news…. lolz

  4. Its a big family sedan, tune it to look more like a luxury saloon not a racing car..

  5. looks good but lack of impact!

  6. I am looking for a 2009 body kit. If u have kindly contact me on given email address or 0555639966 if u r based in Dubai then provide me ur address

  7. Accord body kit

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