Abu Dhabi paid parking fees and fines

The paid parking scheme in the capital will be extended to 3,725 spaces located between Hamdan Street and Zayed II Street during the first quarter of next year, a senior official said on Wednesday.

The scheme will fit nicely with residents in the area, giving easier access to around 3,725 parking spaces.

In the first stage, fees were applicable to around 2,500 spaces located between Hamdan Street and Baniyas Street.

The next stage of the parking programme, dubbed Mawaqif, will see the Corniche section covered by the scheme in Q2 next year.

Within two years, paid parking will be applied to around 75,000 parking spaces identified across 43 sectors of the city, including 5,000 spaces in underground car parks.

Paid parking will be restricted to commercial areas.

Fines, ranging from Dhs 200 to Dhs 1,000, are handed out to drivers who park outside the designated parking spaces, which are indicated by turquoise-and-white or blue-and-black curb markings.

Parking lots are classified as premium or standard spaces. At premium spots, which are on main streets, vehicles can stay up to four hours at a cost of Dhs 3 per hour. In standard spaces, the cost is Dhs 2 per hour for a maximum of 24 hours.

Paid parking is enforced between 8am and 9 pm Saturday to Thursday, excluding public holidays.

People who live in the paid parking areas can purchase permits, which allow unlimited parking during the enforcement hours in standard spaces only. Every resident may get two permits, the first of which costs Dhs 800, while the second will cost Dhs 1,200.

Motorists can pay for parking via coins or using pre-paid cards purchased at a customer service centre on Hamdan Street. Fines are also paid at the centre.

Proof of residency including a tenancy agreement, an electricity or telephone bill and a copy of the passport and the residence visa are required to secure a resident parking permit.

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