Honda Accord Crosstour, Civic hatchback & Type-R for UAE

Honda Accord Crosstour, Civic hatchback & Type-R for UAE

Honda will not be taking part in the 2009 Dubai Motor Show. However, they have chosen instead to showcase their upcoming GCC-spec models for next year at a press event next week. The new models consist of the marque’s funkiest models, in what looks like an attempt to inject some excitement into an otherwise boring UAE line-up of family cars.


The new models will include the recently-unveiled Honda Accord Crosstour, the long-running Honda Civic 5-door hatchback, and the Honda Civic Type-R.


While the Accord Crosstour crossover is all-new and built in North America, the Civic hatchback has been built in the United Kingdom since 2006, and it is likely that the Type-R will also be the British hatchback version instead of the Japanese sedan one. Also, Honda will make available various Mugen aftermarket tuning options for all models.

Update: The Honda Civic 5-door and the Euro Type-R hatchback will go on sale in March 2010, while the Accord Crosstour will follow in July. Optional dealer-fitted Mugen body kits and wheels for the existing Civic sedan and Accord sedan will be available from February. The Civic hatchback will only be available in top-of-the-line trim, at around Dhs 90,000. The Type-R may go for between Dhs 110,000 or higher. All prices are still being decided.

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  1. i hope they launch the Japanese Type R one show some concern for the potential buyers not the ugly and damm bad UK ones come on when will the gulf be considered as a market for good brands not the cheap usual ones i mean Acura shld be here too and so shld be Tundra not the Sequoia and the accord 191Hp sedan not only Coupe ones ..Until then american imports will be the choice here unfortunately 🙁

  2. Mash please please please try getting info regarding the prices of the Civic hatchback and Type-R,if you’re invited to the event or through someone.

  3. ooooooohhh m sooo happppyyyyy:D Waiting for civic type R

  4. Mash thanks for the great news

  5. Finally!! the Type R is here!! & whats that?tour cross? i dont know what?

  6. Make sure I’m coming for this…if you’ve got an invite that is…

  7. Mash..I really hope u called only the Civic hatch n Type-R and not tat Accord CrossCLOWN, funky!!! 😀

  8. for more better if they brought the Japanese Type R here 🙁

  9. I can bet a million pounds these thieves Alfuttaim will bring in the UK one Typo-R

  10. Hey Mash -where are they having this press event?? any why they not having it on our circuit hmmm

  11. Author

    PRESS event is at 7:30 pm today at the Festival City showroom. Even if they had it at your track today, it would’ve been cancelled by the rain, judging by the flood I went through just now.

  12. Mash bro plz keep updating me about this Civic type R , are they going to introduce UK version or Japanese .. Plzz plzz 😀

  13. The Honda fanboys are getting excited! 😀

  14. Author

    Story updated. Read last paragraph for details.

  15. Even with top of the line trim, the hatchback civic would be too pricey at 90k. In which case, Honda buyers would rather go for the bigger Accord Coupe. The Type R I believe is priced right at 110k.. any higher will have prospective buyers looking out for other hot hatches.

  16. Honda needs to be careful with this. They can make the Civic Hatch and Type R a real sales success or may be dismayed and decide to pull back in a year’s time.

    Although the Type R (and Civic hatch) have a loyal following and enthusiasts have been waiting… given the current economic sceneriio and lack of financing, pricing would need to hit the right note. Remember there is the benchmark VW GTI with now even more power going for about AED 120k, the Scirocco at about 100-110k and that’s serious fun. Honda has its own Accord V6 at AED 120k. The right entry point for Honda UAE with the Type R would be AED 100k.

    Wish them the best of luck. They could definately do by adding some excitement back in the brand. With sales in European markets shrinking and increasing focus on fuel effeciency – the GCC is the right market fto sell sporty cars.

    Mashfique, maybe you could convey the above to Honda next time you meet them? Thanks for the update.

  17. pls i want to know price

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