Honda Civic Type-R, Civic 5-door & Accord Crosstour in Dubai

Honda Civic Type-R, Civic 5-door & Accord Crosstour in Dubai

2010 Honda Civic Hatchback
Honda is skipping the 2009 Dubai Motor Show, but that did not stop their UAE office from previewing new models for next year, at a press event in Dubai yesterday. The 2010 Honda Civic 5-door hatchback, Honda Civic Type-R hatchback and the Honda Accord Crosstour were displayed. Also launched were a range of original Mugen accessories.

The UK-built Honda Civic 5-door hatchback will only be available in a top-of-the-range trim level as a 140 hp 1.8-litre niche model, so it will go for around Dhs 90,000 when it goes on sale in March GCC-wide.

The UK-built Honda Civic Type-R will also likely come in one manual-gearbox trim, and the Middle East is the first region outside Europe to get the left-hand-drive version of the hatchback. Fitted with a 201 hp 2.0-litre, it might go for around Dhs 110,000 when it hits showrooms in March.

The US-built Honda Accord Crosstour recently debuted in the United States, and this is the first time that it has been shown overseas. Powered by a 271 hp 3.5-litre V6, this all-wheel-drive crossover will go on sale here in July. We are guessing it will cost Dhs 120,000.

Also launched were body kits and wheels by Honda-affiliated tuners Mugen, for the Honda Civic sedan and the Honda Accord sedan. The kits will be available painted and installed by the dealer, although prices have yet to be decided. The kits will be offered in February.

Incidentally, Trading Enterprises, the UAE dealer for Honda, will become more aligned with the rest of the dealer network under the Al-Futtaim network that handles Toyota and Lexus, so there will be some “changes” in the way that they operate from now on. Keep track of further developments in the Honda buyer guide.

Event photos by Faisal Khatib

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  1. The Civic TYPE R is a mean machine looker. Think it might bring Honda back to life.

    Put the price at a 100k and it should sell pretty well. 110k+ and it will once again be only a showroom display.

  2. Good stuff by Honda. Way to go…

    The front grill on the Accord looks like a copy of Fords grill on their Edge and Fussion models.

  3. The type R is a bit pricey…given the fact that these car target the Boy racers. There are lot of mean machine costing less. ie Megane Sport, RC, 110K pushes the Type R near the Golf GTI territory. EVO X even starts at 125K

  4. They can have the Japanese body kits but not the car how pathetic of them Type R shld be a flop here ppl don’t buy the type R …LOL but strangely there will be advance bOOking i guess started from now for Typo-R when will some one come and save us from Alfuttaim…

  5. so how tall is the crosstour?

  6. Here at the 2009 Riyadh Motor Show, we got a look at the Euro-spec Honda Civic Type R Mugen, tuned up to 240 horsepowers, and a 130,000 Riyals price tag. They also revealed the Japanese-spec Mugen-tuned Accord V6, with black paint all over the body and rims, extended body-kit with a gigantic rear-spoiler, and the 3.5-liter V6 which produces 300 horses. This Accord costs a ridiculous 155,000 Riyals!

  7. Like I mentioned some days back… Honda will come under Al-Futtaim Motors. 🙂

  8. this type R is old model. is UK civic version for few year alredi. no suprise.

  9. i don’t live in dubai…or the UAE for that matter, but i’m excited at this…

  10. Gr88888888888 news by Mashhh … thanks bro 😀

    M gona Order Civic Mugen Kit for my Civic Vti and Accord V6..( the civic in black mugen kit looks stunning )..
    And nxt year in march for sure My bro Gona buy Civic type R, No doubt it doesnt have tht much power, but the white one looks killer. I probably gona drive slowly in memzar street just for a show off :P.. Peace

    thanks Mash for the Gr8 news

  11. The seats in the civic are the ones found in the American civics, if i am not mistaken.

    And the UAE will be another country where both the European and Japanese style civics are sold. the other country that sells both styles is South Africa.

    but i do love that mugen kit on the civic. just add those white type r rims from the japanese style civic type r.

  12. AED 110K for the type r? I thought is a compact sports car… Stupid ass price tag..

  13. I wont spill my blood to buy a small 2.0 FWD hatch back that costs AED 110K id rather get a 2nd hand V6 RWD 350Z… This is stupid…

  14. I noticed that the pirces for most 2010 cars new models are higher considerably than the previous models.

    We may expect in 2-3 times a different price range for most new cars at around 20% higher than 2008- 2009 prices.

    ALL the car makers are trying to makeup their previous losses on the new models. Also notice that the new American cars are getting more expensive despite the weak dollar.

  15. nissan is selling z350 for 120k (brand new)…..why will any be stupid enough to buy this!!

  16. ROJ then dont buy this car :)… its nt for u 😀

  17. ^ in what sense? Im not saying its a bad car… No its actually awesome but overpriced…


  19. Now Kindly, we dont want some high school kid that recently applied for a drivers license to jump out of nowhere and try to prove for everyone here that hes a doctor and that he got alot of money and then try to show us that this car’s price is bullshit cuz he can afford it and then try to show us all that we’re only complaining cuz we dont have enough money to buy this car and thats why were not happy with the price…

    We heard this bullshit before please keep it in the “Suzuki Celerio” blog where it belongs…

  20. Hey ROJ, I just went through the Celerio blog comments and I see the ‘doctors and engineers’ are saying the same thing you are trying to say…which is, it is better to get a 2nd hand car than a brand new overpriced car. Perhaps you should pay more attention to what you are reading so that you don’t write such non-existent bullshit here 🙂

  21. ^ thats not the case… Im saying you could settle for a new car of the same price that is faster and more capable than this car.. Regarding my comment im just trying to point out the silly crap that some people mentioned on that blog… My apologies for missing something..

  22. Typer R should be a lovely car cause its Honda built. But with cars like Golf GTI, WRX STI, Clio 200, RC now available in the same price range one has to be a honda addict to shell our 110K for the Civic Type R. Type R is a nice car but nothing spectacular. A wannabe

  23. ^ well spoken, long story short…

  24. Exactly. its damn overpriced.! The car looks good… but not worth 110K when you can get much power brand machines with cheaper price. Al futtaim just trying to play..!!

  25. ^ How can you accuse AlFuttaim of trying to play?!! These guys are genuine when they say “We Care and It Shows”

    Just dont ask what they care about……. what??? you want to know …ok ok .. its your money 😉

  26. i heard that honda accord crosstour is not so worthy because of many reasons such as low cargo space etc.

  27. Can anybody please tell me how much is the honday type-R? i wanted to buy it here in UAE.

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