Interview: Mark Kass - Al-Futtaim Honda

Interview: Mark Kass – Al-Futtaim Honda

mark kass managing director honda al futtaim automotive
Audio interview with Mark Kass, the newly-appointed managing director for the Honda division within Al Futtaim Automotive in the UAE. Topics include the company’s new focus on customer service as well as new models such as the Honda Civic hatchback, Civic Type-R and Accord Crosstour.

The audio interview is hosted on YouTube

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  1. damn! that “vid” downloaded quicker than I have ever experienced with youtube videos. and the reason is rather obvious.
    it will be interesting to see how the crosstour does,

  2. umm if i have a complaint regarding the honda dealer here who do i address it to? any email/fax contact?

  3. I probably shouldn’t give out his details, but he seemed open to complaints, so call the AL-Futtaim Autos head office at Festival City (attached to Toyota showroom) and ask for him by name, hehe.

  4. Type R thoroughbred!!!! crosstour proper four wheel !!!! civic 5 door lumbar support!!!! WOW its amazing didn’t expect this from Honda and Drive Arabia, where were the questions that ppl are looking for 110k to 115k Type R bonkers or what ,why they gone for the UK ones why not the Japanese ones where is the 191 Hp accord Sedan that is in US why only Mugen kits why not the cars and what crap abt warranty doesn’t Merc and BMW have warranty for AMG and Alpina Honda call them Top class company so they shouldn’t now consider them any lesser than Volvo or BMW as the MD says they are targeting them…roftl

  5. I don’t do interviews personally

  6. I recently purchased a Honda car and I’m facing with lots of problems with the service center! How can I send my complaints to Mark? or is there a dedicated team that deals with such cases? if so, can anyone advice there contact details?

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