Toyota Etios new model for India

Toyota Etios new model for India

Toyota is showing off the Etios “concept” at the New Delhi Motor Show, ready to become the company’s volume seller in the competitive Indian market.


The tiny Toyota Etios sedan and hatchback models unveiled are said to be 90% production ready. The cars will go on sale in India at the end of this year.

However, it won’t be a Nano rival, because it’s set to cost around four times more. It will apparently challenge India’s best-selling Maruti-Suzuki Swift. Toyota has put an emphasis on providing a larger and better quality interior than the Swift, although we don’t know why didn’t just peddle the Yaris there instead.


Toyota has reportedly squeezed out costs to ensure that the Etios is as price-competitive as possible. That means limited sound-proofing, a hard but durable interior, basic seats and one windshield wiper. It sounds like it will be more awful than the Toyota Echo ever was, but suited for the Indian market.

The Etios will come with two engine options, namely a 1.2-litre and 1.5-litre, both 4-cylinder petrol engines.

It will be sold from the end of 2010 in markets including India, Russian and South America, and it is likely to be built at Toyota’s new Indian factory from late 2010, with production also earmarked for Brazil in 2011.

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  1. it just looks like the renault logan ,but since its toyota stuff ,Mr. Reliable, it would sell like hot cakes provided the price tag is between 6-8

  2. who in their worst of minds would ever buy that crap for 4-6 lakhs????? we’ve the chevy optra magnum, ford fiesta, Hyundai i20 & ofcorz, suzuki swift and SX-4 all of which are galaxies better than this hard plastic tub!!! Price this thing at maybe 2-3 lakhs price range and still I’ll think twice due to their very much possible quality and reliability issues! Ofcorz, the Yaris (with a better interior quality) would have been a better choice for the Indian market!

  3. Looks horrible. Such attitude of dumping low quality models will not be successful in long term.

  4. This car looks ok…..Don’t forget Qualis, Innova. There was same reaction from us when it was launched…..later Toyota minted money.
    guess price would be key factor.

  5. nice car

  6. it seems nice car,m biggest fan of toyota,but i ll prefer on diesel,its very good product of middle class &tuff compitation off,verna,fiesta&swift,nw days m driving innova,very nice car

  7. hey this car is not going to do anything big in the indian market b’coz in the indian market only family cars of toyota like Innova , Qualis have become popular

  8. when honda small car is comeing to india

  9. Even the word “UGLY” looks very pretty face to face with the thing called Qualis. The most unpleasant looking vehicle ever driven on this planet.

  10. when toyota etios is coming to indian market.

  11. WIsh they introduce Yaris rather than introducing odd luk cars …unlike UAE it wont be a success in India where consumers give priority to luks n quality n raliability lets wait n see how this model has to do in Indian Market

  12. very nice car, it wll success in indian market..iam useing toyota only..very nice..

  13. Nice car!!!!! I am sure it will be very popular in Indian market.

  14. nice car, pipm your car immedietly

  15. tail lamps r xact replica of mahi.. logan it seems.lets hpe 4 d best…

  16. A Toyota car in this price segment, Really a dream cme true

  17. A Toyota car in this price segment, Really a dream come true

  18. m gonna buy this car for sure…. first f all its toyota which s really sucessful in india..secondly totota has finally now entered into th price range which a stupid common man …aam aadmi can afford …the thing s india s nw crazy in the hatchback thing .. its toyota which finally launched its hatchback .. n d name suits toyota ….m sure dis car would do wonders ….could somebody tell me wen its finally gettin to hit d road….

  19. Yaris would be a right choice to introduce in India …..Etios luks more like logan…

  20. The etios toyatta car is very super its mordal is superb

  21. just waiting for this car terribly wanna purchace this.iys dream come true we r getting toyota product in this cost……

  22. i like this car very much,and i am waiting for buyig this car

  23. this is jst a piece of ugly crap!! there are much better options for the same money!! Anybody who’s not dumb will go for a ford fiesta or the new hyundai verna or somethin. The indian market is a market for value as cars are twice as expensive as in UAE, not for cheap shit!! Peaple who can afford a mondeo or an accord here get a honda city for the same money in india!! Customers are still spending the same money !! Anybody who buys this just coz its a toyota!! god help them !!

  24. Author

    The funny part is, in the Dubai of 2011, a City costs as much as a Mondeo!

  25. Yeah coz the city is overpriced here!! 😉
    in india the city costs around 80000 dhms whereas an accord costs around 17-180000 dhms!!

  26. The real funny part is you still see a hell of a lot of Mercs S’s,Beemers 7’s and Audi’s everywhere in India !! 🙂 which cost anything arnd half to a million dhms there.

  27. Author

    Yeah, India. Where the rich are super-rich and the poor are super-poor.

  28. toyota qualis is the best car in india this car like land cruiser our small land cruiser

  29. super car in i like innova car and qualis

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