Volkswagen Golf Coupe concept in Detroit

Volkswagen Golf Coupe concept in Detroit

Volkswagen Golf Compact Coupe
After spending the past year peddling the Scirocco hatchback as a ‘sports coupe,’ Volkswagen has finally come up with a real coupe. Presently only a design study, we give it the award for the Most Boring Concept Car Of The Decade, and we will allow VW to quote that in their magazine ads in exchange for advertising money.

Severely lacking in imagination, the Volkswagen New Compact Coupe concept is simply a 2-door Golf with a boot, leaving the rest exactly the same. The tall ill-proportioned coupe is actually a hybrid, powered by 1.4-litre turbocharged 4-cylinder engine producing all of 148 hp, with a 20-kilowatt electric motor sandwiched between the engine and the overkill 7-speed DSG dual-clutch gearbox, adding a measly 25 hp at best.

If given the go-ahead, the car is expected to go on sale sometime in 2012, as a Golf Coupe or a Jetta Coupe, seemingly to compete with the VW Golf GTI and VW Scirocco. We’d say you’ll be better off waiting for the Toyota FT-86 or even the new Ford Focus, which looks better even with four doors.

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  1. I do not agree with the author,
    it much looks like Audi A5, I expect this model to be a success to VW.

  2. and ppl that i follow on twitter said it looks sexy! pfft! to me, its simply boring.

  3. so there was the CR-Z and now this. how about some good looking concept car now?
    the GMC Granite has soul-like styling and looks very good.

  4. BJD….the people you follow must be blind!!! 😉

    Boring indeed though I agree with Muhanad Jaff that it does remind me of the Audi A5….

  5. Author

    Well, VW is almost the largest carmaker in the world now, even though owner forums are filled with stories of unreliability. For half a century right up till a year ago, GM was the largest carmaker in the world, even though they were churning out unreliable rustbuckets in the 80s and 90s. People, in general, are stupid. The few who research before buying are the smart ones.

  6. lool, well the “people” were kelly blue book (KBB) and edmunds: both are US-based auto websites 😛

  7. Author

    ^ You mean the same people who rely on VW’s extensive marketing money? Hehe. Who all do you think pumped up VW to divine levels in recent times?

  8. this thing got a huuuge behind!

  9. the german made golf is ok, i test drove the new one.. it;s interior and cabin quietness is incredible. the AC was real shocker too, it actually chilled!.

    the sales guy offered me for AED 77k for 1.6 with alloys and half leather

    the problem with that is u r better off buying a honda accord.

  10. KBB ranked it no. 3 on their list of top 10 debuts at the detroit show. the e-tron also just made it at no. 10. how that sucks! but the no.1 in their list deserves it: 2012 ford focus.

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