Kia Sportage 2011 redesign leaked

Kia Sportage 2011 redesign leaked

2011 Kia Sportage
The European Registry is sort of a copyright database for product designs, including all-new cars. The Registry therefore has photos of never-before-seen models, and some of these occasionally leak into the public domain. Like the 2011 Kia Sportage, for instance.

Based on the 2011 Hyundai Tucson that debuted a couple of months ago, the Kia take on the crossover’s design is unique enough to be a separate model, instead of the badge-engineering job the last time round.

Other details are still unknown, but the new Sportage is expected to debut in the coming months and should feature engines shared with the Tucson.

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  1. boooo! CX-9 side

  2. I looked similar to Hyundai Santa Fi which was also inspired from other cars like Lexus RX330 and Mazda.

    Still this one lookes good and will be like driving a cheaper affordable version of other luxury cars.

  3. at first glance, before reading the title I thought it was a VW tiguan. then I saw the H-grille. I just like the wheels and tail lights [the whole rear in fact]. nothing special on the sides but not bad. Dont really like the front a lot.

  4. Front looks like Terios, side lookslike outlander, back lokks like VW tiguan

  5. So I guess Kia’s very upset with the Registry…

  6. Isn’t the present model better looking? I prefer the present boxy SUV look to this new rounded girly look.

  7. Ground clearance too high..

  8. Wow…..! Now thats got a Futrisic Looks….! Goes Head along with major Competitors….Hopefully it seems to retain its off road capability amid need looks…!
    Really Suprising – KIA…!

  9. Gr8 Work…KIA….

  10. the ground clearance will be lower in real life.

    I hope this design will look better in real life. right now, I think the last good-looking car they launched was the soul and it was NOT designed by their new designer! this sportage, however, is his first project that he was completely in charge of. hmmmm….

  11. Front: ix35
    Side: CX9
    Rear: Tourag
    Result: New KIA SPORTAGE

  12. Its definitely a good effort, I agree that the designs are similar to few a cars on the road currently.. But its well blended and yeah it does have a futuristic look.. Lotta mommies would be hitting the Kia showroom soon..

  13. All the ground clearance would be a waste if no good engine choices and transmissions are offered…not to mention no low range gearing

  14. it isnt as high as it seems here. it looks more like a computer rendering since its missing its axles and plastic ‘skid plates’. look for official pics.

  15. Guys Kia is doin awesome work now. I sat in Kia oprius , I am so satisifed with a car performance, specially the air condition of the car. everything inside this car was awesome, the only thing which i didnt like was the shape of this car.
    I am sure now hyundai-kia would nt only be a great competitor of honda, toyota or nissan also mercedes bmw and audi in the coming future

  16. It is really huge car and nice disign

  17. as of now its is the Best SUV Kia has created, very nice and comfortable ride, not like its predecessors, recommended number one.

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