Rolls-Royce at Kuwait vintage car show

The inaugural Concours d’Elegance took place at the Marina Crescent last week and showcased 50 rare vintage cars, included several automotive brands which no longer exist. The event marked 100 years since Kuwait imported its first car to the country.

Visitors were able to make a journey through 83 of the 105 years of Rolls-Royce history: beside other vintage Rolls-Royces a Phantom I, first registered in 1927, was parked close to the current Phantom. A Silver Cloud III, built in 1962, was showcased beside the company’s latest model, Ghost.

Peter Schoppmann, Regional Director for the Middle East, said: “We are very proud that the current Rolls-Royce models remain true to the company’s core values: engineering integrity, reliability and refinement.” He continued: “Together with our dealer in Kuwait, Ali Alghanim & Sons, we felt very honoured to be invited to this event which reflected the timeless grace that is central to our legacy.”

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