Konig Wheels UAE gives reasons for wheel upgrade

Alloy wheels can dramatically change the look of your car and can be considered the shoes of your vehicle. Other than looks they can give several other advantages which can be beneficial for your ride as we have come to know from Hamid Moaref (Manager of the wheels and accessories division of Varga Trading and sole distributor of Konig Wheels).

A rim is a usual structural element of a car wheel. This metal cylinder can also be a custom accessory that improves the appearance, steering and traction capabilities of the wheel. The style and size of the rims not only affect the appearance, steering and traction, it is also the one responsible for the handling and the ride. A shiny rim is flashy and makes a car more noticeable and chic. A larger diameter rim is used with a low tire for improved handling.

Light alloy casting wheel rims can turn several envious heads. This has the advantage of being lighter as compared to other kinds (steel wheels) which would also help the environment as you would be reducing fuel consumption. It is a great option for driving in different places, especially where traffic congestion is usual. Most of the alloy rims are designed to persuade cool airflow over the brakes in order to avoid overheating.

It is very important to choose the right type of rims for you because wheels greatly vary from one vehicle to another. What is functional and good looking for one car may not be compatible to the specs of your own car.

Choose a style of rim that has a stretched vertical diameter or horizontal diameter, adding a unique appeal to your car or implementing better performance. Wide rims can improve your car handling and performance. Larger rims can look really sharp, particularly when your car is in motion. Trust your instincts because the right style of rims is a matter of personal preference rather than its counterpart.

Hamid Moaref states: “Choosing the right kind of wheels is very important because it affects the looks of your vehicle dramatically and that is why Konig wheels motto is “Style is King””.

In summary here is a list of benefits of changing your wheels:

1. Improving looks of your vehicle
2. Improved handling
3. Improving your gas mileage
4. Improves cooling of your brakes

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  1. light weight rims and correct over all diameter makes some benefits , other than that it will be wrong and effects the car badly

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