Honda recalls 2001-2002 models, UAE not affected

Honda recalls 2001-2002 models, UAE not affected

Honda has added another 437,000 vehicles to an existing global recall for faulty air bags that dates back to November 2008, now totalling 510,000 cars.

The company will replace the driver’s side airbag inflator on the cars because they can deploy with too much pressure, causing the inflator to rupture and injure or kill the driver. The models affected by the recall are the 2001-2002 versions of the Accord, Civic, Odyssey, Pilot, CR-V and the 2002 Acura TL and CL.

However, Honda’s local dealer has already announced that the recall does not affect cars in the UAE and likely the GCC. They say that “The recall relates to a dual-igniter type inflator which is not found in models in the UAE. Cars sold in the UAE use a single-igniter type inflator.” This may be one case where the lower standard of automotive safety in the UAE may actually have turned out to be a good thing.

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  1. who else might recall?

  2. wait a minutes!!… 2001-2002 models???? i dont understand why they recall an eight year old car… can anynody tell me? and why it took them like eight years to find that fault in the car….!!!!

  3. Maybe some people are suing them now in other developed countries for faulty Air Bags! Also many of these cases are settled outside the courts so no one hears about it.

    Suban Allah; all cars in our GCC markets are good! So Toyota and Honda send us the good cars and they send the faulty cars to U.S. and Europe!

    They are not re-calling cars here in the GCC because we have no laws to protect the interests of the customers. Despite the fact that all these cars are from the same origin.

  4. May be we should stop buying from Honda and Toyota in the GCC for a year or two. Until they show respect to their loyal customers here to the same level as other developed countries!

  5. Umm…this would have been nice to know a long time ago. I have a 2001 Civic and the airbag light came on just last week. There is too much snow to go anywhere… I guess I gotta get it in.

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