Ferrari Owners Club members at Yas Island Rotana

Yas Island Rotana has hosted the Ferrari Owners Club members last Friday in preparation for a presentation by Ferrari World Abu Dhabi on the same day.

Yas Island Rotana has welcomed the Ferrari Owners Club Group on Friday March 19th. The group made an overnight “Pitstop” at the Yas Island Rotana on their way to the Yas Marina Circuit for a track day. The group brought over 50 top of the line Ferraris and enjoyed a sumptuous safari dinner at the Rangoli and Blue Grill restaurants.

Joe Batshoun General Manager of Yas Island Rotana commented on the occasion saying: “Yas Island Rotana has been honored to host this high profile group. The significant location of the hotel on Yas Island, and the proximity to Ferrari World Abu Dhabi complemented by the unique offerings provided by Yas Island Rotana. Our team took a lot of pride in welcoming the Ferrari aficionados and look forward to be of future service.”

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