Video of the week: Lexus Prado drifting

Toyota seemingly has a fix for the wayward stability control on the Lexus GX 460 and Toyota Prado VX that prompted a premature recall last week, as shown in this released video. It should simply involve uploading the reprogrammed Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) code onto every customer car soon, although anyone still expecting to drift their truck can likely turn off the VSC manually.

What do you think?



  1. meh… looks boring after remedy

  2. I don’t know what the fuss is all about, you shouldn’t be trying to drive an SUV like a sports sedan in the first place. A good driver would know the car’s limits and not attempt something like this.

  3. I can’t see much difference at 90 Km/h, and the car appears to behave fine in before remedy.

    But, before the remedy, the car at 95km/h behaved real bad. I can see mark improvement after the new VSC update.

    I disagree with those saying this was not a big issue, since you shouldn’t drive that fast in the first place. Because, a normal speed limit at high ways are 120 km/h, so it is very possible for many drivers to exit the ramp @ 95 km/h and more, even though it is not a smart thing to do.

  4. i think after this video..this should not be called nonsense 😉

    and again…its a big problem..
    autoblog added a whole thread to explain why they recalled it (CR)…and they should…

    anyways…good luck toyota…

  5. Author

    ESP was not created so that people can take turns at 95 kph. ESP was created so stupid people will not crash and kill themselves if they went into the turn too fast and did not brake in time. If your ESP is turning on regularly, you are a bad driver.

  6. ^^

    i dont care…there is a big difference between a good and a bad system…and poeple dont want to use bad one’s…

  7. Author

    ^ people shouldn’t need to use the system if they drive properly.

  8. the system is not made to use it every time…
    but try to convince me that you will not use it or need it in some cases and some times because of other stupid drivers in the road or in bad situations that are not related to reckless driving

    its out of your control sometimes…

    now when i did my accident i was not speeding…its all about others mistakes and faults..

  9. hey aaamohamad, maybe you should shout at nissan first for selling the renault logan with 1 airbag and no ABS even.

  10. its better not to have airbags and ABS rather than having faulty ones…

    now drivers skills will have control…

  11. there is no beating your blind love for nissan, is there LOOL. all cars suck, only nissan is the best and renault owns them LOOOL…

  12. :). Wait guys recall season is not over yet. If you remember, i told you, the list of vehicles and their resales will resume similar pattern. How come suddenly after year 2009, all vehicles seem to have problem… either theirs political mess up, or we were not checking/building the cars the, way they should have been made.

  13. ankesh…at least am not afraid to post my real nick name..and using different ones…
    ur so pathetic

  14. Maybe its just me… but since its inception back in 1998 (I think-??), the Prado design always seemed to be able to do such a thing given its odd form. I’m surprised this was only discovered in the new generation model.

  15. When you buy a Logan, you are not paying for 6 airbags and ESP for sure.(you get what you pay for).

    When you pay for Lexus you expect everthing to work properly; the issue is here. This is a top brand car and everything is expected to work properly.

    Whether you need it or not, this is a different story, one never knows what could happen on the roads even if it was a 1% chance.

    You don’t expect Mercedes to give you faulty systems and say okay I may not need it anyway!!!

    This remains a big VW-up from Toyota..

  16. Author

    Safety systems are never foolproof. ESP is there to reduce the chances, but not to guarantee that a moron won’t run off the road. A Volvo comes with more nonsense, such as auto-braking and lane-departure warning, but that doesn’t mean it will still stop the car in time or work right all the time.

  17. Hey!! how come last time I used the “F” word, my comments got edited by “PG” guys, and Hassan here is not getting his beatings yet ?? 🙁

  18. Author

    ^ because I am thinking of a good word to replace it with…

  19. I appologize from the readers for using the “F” word.

    I agree with MASH about the safety systems and the responsibilty of the drivers; however, as the cars are getting more powerful these systems can save few lives occasionally.

  20. al futtaim is giving land cruiser to customers who are booking for prado…whoever books for a new prado vx or vx l can drive a land cruiser till the time new prado is delivered…

  21. Do they have enough Land Cruisers for this offer, as they used to sell these cars by mass numbers?
    Or maybe the sales of Prado have now bottomed because of these bad news!!

  22. “F” = VW

    “___” = AU

    Wat say Mash!! 🙂

  23. Author

    I could not solve the second equation.

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