Ford recalling 2010 Fusion, Explorer & Milan

Ford recalling 2010 Fusion, Explorer & Milan

Ford is recalling 33,256 cars in the United States, including the 2010 Ford Fusion and Mercury Milan twins as well as all variants of the 2010 Ford Explorer and Mercury Mountaineer SUVs, because front seats and head rests may collapse back during a crash.

The voluntary recall affects only 2010 editions of the Explorer, Explorer Sport Trac, Mountaineer, Fusion and Milan models, according to the U.S. NHTSA safety agency.

The affected seats manually recline and will be replaced by manual seats without the defect or even with power seats.

There have been no reports of injuries due to the defect. The automaker will notify owners by April 30 to bring their cars to dealers for free repairs. About 80 cars are affected in the UAE.

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  1. 2010, the year of recalls…almost fashionable now

  2. Its rather the in-thing to be among the ‘Re-Callers’ 🙂

    So basically, dont buy cars from manufacturers who havent re-called yet. Chances are they havent realised the potential problems with their cars yet!

    Even more dangerous!! 😉

  3. I wonder…. why the new models have the issues??? why not the old ones?? I means what about 2006 – 2009 models for ford explorer and other cars.. well that’s strange.. because new cars are supposed to have fixed issues like that not the opposite( to have these faults in the new cars!!)

  4. ^^^ I second AbdelAziz

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