Hyundai Elantra 2011 set to lead class

Hyundai Elantra 2011 set to lead class

After turning the popular midsize sedan, sub-compact sedan and compact crossover segments on their heads with truly unique designs, Korean carmaker Hyundai still have the compact sedan segment to contend with, what with the lacklustre Elantra being their current offering. But the all-new 2011 Hyundai Elantra is just around the corner, and it is an absolute stunner.

Hyundai has just had its world-premiere of the all-new Avante, as it is known in Korea, at the 2010 Busan International Motor Show. Few modern designs have wowed us as much as Hyundai seems to be continually doing since late last year.

The new Elantra continues Hyundai’s ‘fluidic sculpture’ design philosophy. It is also interesting to note that Hyundai suddenly rules the roost when it comes to efficiency engineering too. The first engine to be unveiled is a 1.6-litre “Gamma GDI” direct-injection 4-cylinder engine making as much as 138 hp and 167 Nm of torque, and mated to a 6-speed automatic transmission. The front-wheel-drive sedan is now “about 10% more fuel-efficient than its closest competitors.” With those figures, they’ve already matched the Honda Civic’s 1.8-litre power figures while being smaller in size.

The new Elantra can also be outfitted with HID headlights, LED rear lamps, heated front and rear seats, puddle lamps and a colour LCD information display nestled in the gauge cluster. More details have yet to be released.

Hyundai will begin sales of the all-new Avante in the second half of 2010 in Korea. While we expect this new model to be available in the UAE and Saudi Arabia by the end of the year, the trend seems to be to leave out the direct-injection feature in GCC-spec models, possibly due to durability concerns over poor petrol quality.

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  1. Good job Hyundai!!!!! The best car designer ever!!!!

  2. Hey Toyota, Honda and Nissan, atleast wake up now!

  3. It was stunning to c sonata…accent too the same…avante also luks no different….
    bt nw it feels like the three models are just a small,medium and large sonata…ol of them almost luks the same..

  4. This one looks decent….

  5. Hyundai,,, keep it up… on thr right track to be a world leader any time soon….

  6. Looks stylish..Bumper has design cues of 2010 Tucsan.

  7. When I first looked at it, I thought it’s another great design from recent Hyundai. But later when I investigated the detailed lines, angles and everything as a whole, actually it looks better than any other cars not only from Hyundai but also from all other regular car makers. Damn…I can’t believe Hyundai is doing this shit…Two thumps up!!!

  8. End of the day its Korean. I have four of these older ones and the quality issues are just horrible. Plus the agency workshop is full of non professional crooks who were once caught by the company driver changing parts which didnt need to be changed. Now we just get them serviced non agency. I think another 10 years and the Koreans will be on par with Japanese quality. Not yet.

    • Well the paint job is not that impressive, the sheet metal inst that good either and some interior materials are somehow cheap.. Otherwise the mechanicals are reliable just like a japanese car and does the job for normal daily driving..

  9. salman: come on stop being a car racist judging cars by where they were made

  10. Hmmm god JOb before they used to copy others, now they are copying there own models , they copied Sonata 😀 lollll… Nice but it almost luk same like sonata…

  11. Nice effort by Hyundai. Toyota has been doing something similar; Land Cruiser & Prado are siblings a few years apart, Fortuner – Hilux’s cousin, Aurion & Camry – conjoined twins, Camry – Corolla – Yaris all large, medium, compact versions of the same.

  12. “possibly due to durability concerns over poor petrol quality.”

    Can MASH clarify the above statement; I always thought that the fuel being sold in the GCC is of a premium quality?

  13. 2011 will be an interesting year in Car industry as many good models from all makers are being introduced!

  14. Fuel sold here in GCC is generally of poor quality. UAE does have good quality fuel which can work well with turbos but UAE is only a small part of the GCC market and manufacturers usually dont look into details of each little corner. Rather, they look at the fact that countries with low quality fuel do EXIST within this market, hence everyone in this market will get the detuned engine.

  15. It doses resemble Toyota-Corolla.
    It definitely has the spirit of the new 2010 Sonata.

    How long this shape is supposed to last for?
    Is it for four years?

  16. Kudos to Hyundai Motors, they are an upcoming auto giant and beating up on the Japanese big boys just like Samsung did to Sony

  17. New elantra… this could mean the hyundai coupe should be coming soon with a facelift?? And i hope they make their cars more sporty and european in nature, i wana see some asian carmaker compete with european hot hatches…

  18. This is in reply to Salman’s quote. I’ve owned a Toyota Camry V6 and a Honda Civic and now own a Hyundai. I don’t give a damn if it is Korean or not. They are getting better everyday. I’m not sure if you’re keeping pace with the stuck accelerator pedal issue from Toyota and Lexus.It shows their quality isn’t too good either. So think before you comment.Keep it up Hyundai !

  19. very nice design but how will its pricing go will it be in ahigher range than the existing Elantra

  20. its a nice car.but how will its pricing …..??

  21. Good job.. this car is HOT HOT HOT, soo beautiful!

  22. Nice hyundai.I am just afraid of its price. We dont want it to be touching the same/or near the price of corolla , civic or mazda 3 in order to compete well. if it will be in the same range of 2011 elantra, it will be the car of the year andlet japanese eat their cars

  23. A coupe versin turbo charged wiil be an interesting choice!


  25. Everyone that’s asking for the price will be happy to find out that the new Elantra is the same price with many more safety options (In Canada anyway). And the fuel is awesome 41 city & 58 Hwy (Canada)

  26. Hyundai = Fantastic design !!

  27. what the [email protected][email protected]#k why the middle east version of this car is 1.6 138hp and why the American version is 1.8 148hp and they are in the same price, Hyundai is stealing us i want the 1.8 and im in Iraq how can i get 1.8l stupid Hyundai

  28. What is showroom Price in UAE?

  29. im in luv with car….

  30. Saw it pass by me today and it looks like a mini space shuttle…

    This car is already a class leader..

  31. mashalla car,mindblowing,tarific and superb

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