Switzer R911S GT2 shows up Porsche

Switzer R911S GT2 shows up Porsche

Almost as if to spite the German manufacturer, U.S. tuning firm Switzer sends out a release claiming that their R911S package already offers a power-to-weight ratio which simply “eviscerates” Porsche’s newest factory flagship, the new-for-2011 911 GT2 RS. Switzer also offers the R911S Carbon, a suite of lightweight carbon-fibre body panels that sheds more weight.

They say “Porsche’s 2011 GT2 RS is the fastest roadgoing car in the company’s history, but it’s not quite fast enough to suit Tym Switzer’s taste.” The Switzer GT2 R911S takes the firm’s existing P800 GT2 package and pushes it further. Using race fuel, the R911 delivers well over 800 hp at the rear wheels, equating to roughly 50% more power than Porsche’s GT2 RS, with Switzer’s “MONSTER” intercoolers ensuring consistent engine performance lap after lap.

With a conservative 911 hp on tap, Switzer’s R911S features a titanium inverted-front-strut, remote-reservoir suspension for the corners. This isn’t “racing-style” suspension, but the hardware is a true racing setup that has been torture-tested in various racing events, but has a street setting too. Each one of Switzer’s R911S cars will be feature hand-selected spring and damping rates, specifically catering to each client’s track experience and level of aggression.

While Porsche GT2 RS customers are lining up to beg their local dealer for a spot in line, Switzer Performance can offer the silver GT2 R911S for immediate delivery. Pricing for the existing-generation GT2 starts at Dhs 733,000 in the United States, while the modded R911S Carbon by Switzer Performance is priced at Dhs 880,000.

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