Video of the week: Insecure BMW driver

I hate street racing, and I hate wannabe street racers. I have never been in any street race on public roads, no matter what car I’ve driven, and I will never condone street racing. However, I occasionally push my own limits on the roads, and like the guy in this video, sometimes enjoy chasing down other speeding drivers who think they are heroes in their fancy cars, just to show them that they aren’t all that when the road starts turning. Done with enough distance, this is a safe way to explore your limits, and that’s just what the video shows. However, the one you are chasing may sometimes hit back with a bruised ego.

What do you think?



  1. lol chasing a bmw 3 series shows mazdaspeed 3 isnt a shit box

  2. very mature reaction from the mazda driver….
    If that was here…expect to see fireworks…

  3. unbelievable reaction, Thumbs up For mazda and the driver.

  4. funny this be posted now. about 2 months ago i met a very similar bmw driver who could not outrun me in my ‘shitbox’ car. he shouted some crap at me in arabic. i smiled at him, secretly wanting in my mind to run his silly ass over. lol

  5. 335i + Bruised Ego = Mazdaspeed3 WIN!

  6. Ego is a cancer…

  7. LOL. Thats a very mature reaction, Mazda driver. 🙂
    If I was there, I would really argue with him, he can’t talk to me like that, even if he owns a Bugatti. 🙂

  8. i have noticed something common with most bmw drivers (excludes Mash lol), thats arrogance and showoff…even today while i was driving back from shj to auh on shk zayed road were the speed limit is 100km some idiot in M5 was giving me lights frm a km behind and then he was tailgating me while i was driving at arnd 120 with my cruise control on…even if i slow down a bit he would crash into me…by the way i drive a bigger shit box(mazda6)….

  9. If he had a Bugatti you’d be nowhere near him Ivan. And Zao if you’re on the fast lane (I don’t know if you were) and there’s someone going faster than you…GET OUT OF THE WAY. The fast lane is meant for overtaking…it’s not for you to cruise on.

  10. LOL @kevin, just realized that. 😀

    Anyways, the speed limit is 120kph, so I think he has the right to stay on any lane since he’s cruising within the speed limit. I think the fast lane is meant for overtaking cars that are cruising BELOW 120kph. 🙂

  11. Well to be honest the speed limit is actually 100 kph (doesn’t matter what speed the cameras flash at) so its kinda hypocritical complaining about someone driving fast when you’re techinically above the speed limit yourself. It’s a matter of principle.

  12. What arrogance of that driver… I truly would’ve given him a mouthful (afterall doesn’t help, but arrogance…I really cannot stand).

    I suppose its more to do with the person rather than the car they drive. Nonetheless it could have some co-relation, the car one drives and their attitude.

    And yes, I agree that in the fast lane, even though you’re at the edge of the speed limit – if someone is desparate to overtake – better to let him pass through; afterall, in their anger they could even scratch our car. However I would allow to pass only if I get sufficient space in the slow lane – without it having too much traffic (and hence me having to reduce my speed considerably).

    My two cents.


  13. driving is half skill and half commonsense..and most of the drivers doesnt have that second half…i do agree with ivan…everyone knows that at limit of 100 we can drive till 120 and i guess its a healthy speed as long as there is no big rush…that bmw driver was driving at arnd 160…any fool knows taht there is a camera on that road after every 800mtr to 1km…if i was driving below 100 i do agree i should move away from fast lane…otherwise it should be police ambulance or a convoy of VIP…most idiots thinks that xenon lights are for moving away the car in front of u…i dont say that i am a safe driver or drives slow…i do drive at 180 n above on auh dubai highway becuz i know the radars on that road and i do have a set of xenon lights but it doesnt mean that i would show it to a person driving at 140 or 160 (auh radars flashes above 160)…i do wait n give space n time for the guy in front to move instead of panicking him with lights…but there are some idiots who drives at 100 on fast lane n delibrately blocking the cars…such cars i give time and after a while surely i show lights…

  14. People enjoy to brag or showoff with something unique or special.. Its not wrong at all but when its a matter of ego then this is where it get lame.. To be honest the thing is the avg. person here buys a car based on the brandname or the looks more than what the car is cuz honestly speaking (BMWs on the side cuz they drive real nice from the oldest one to the newest) people pose assumptions based on the brand or the price tag the car holds more than what is actually is…
    Heck some people r willing to get themselves broke and suffer from problems from their used BMWs just for the sake of riding one..

    I personally am a huge M3 fan from the E30 till the latest one..

  15. The fact is that the person behind you could be attending to some emergency that you would have no clue about…maybe his wife his wife is pregnant, you have no idea. If he wants to drive fast even though there’s a camera ahead, its his perogative, leave him be. After all you’re not a law enforcer and by not moving out of the way you’re more likely to cause an accident. Fact of the matter, the fast lane is for overtaking…not cruising!

  16. lol if his wife was in labor he could overtake from right lane and the way he was driving it seemed like he wanna reach a toilet to pee…lol

  17. Well you just proved that the right lane was free but you were just too stubborn to get out of the way.

  18. generally you should move out of the way on the overtaking lane even if he is going over limit…

    remember it is his problem not yours to get a radar flash..

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