Mercedes-Benz CLS 2011 revealed by Lorinser

Mercedes-Benz CLS 2011 revealed by Lorinser

Manufacturers usually do their best to hide their future models from prying eyes to retain some sense of suspense when the new car is finally revealed. Therefore the redesigned 2011 Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class still has a long time to go before launch, with showroom deliveries reportedly slated for early 2011. So in an ironic twist, German tuning firm Lorinser has already released a full sketch of what their modified version of the CLS will look like.

The Mercedes-Benz specialists known as Sport-Service Lorinser has drawn up a concept of what their mild body kit will look like on the actual CLS, with larger air intakes on the front bumper, extended fenders and 21-inch light-alloy wheels. However, the swoopy shoulder line, upright grille and weird headlights are all stock.

It seems common for German tuners to have inside knowledge of upcoming German models, since they always seem to have a modified model ready almost as soon as the actual stock model debuts to the public. Expect the regular 2011 CLS-Class to launch in the UAE, Saudi Arabia and the rest of the GCC by early 2011.

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  1. One fine car !!

  2. Truly the upcoming CLS looks confused at best. Atleast as compared to the concept showcased by BMW, the 2010 Gran Coupe (four door coupe…).

    The existing CLS was a mixed bag, but one that didn’t seem to strange and at the same time evoked a sense of awe. However the upcoming model would most likely evoke the opposite sense of awe.

    I’m not a fan of the direction that Merc and BMW is taking with the new models, however the BMW models seem a whole lot better than the new Merc models (including the new E class).


  3. I hope that seeing the new CLS in the flesh (or should I say metal) wouldn’t be as awkward looking as the pics.

    I have to admit, they have incorporated some cool features (with regard to exterior design), but the whole does not gel well together.

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