Al-Baddad International in equipping “AutoMech 2010” in Egypt

Al-Baddad International, the UAE-based leading provider of innovative mobile halls and pre-fabricated buildings, announced that it will take part in equipping the venues of AutoMech 2010 – the premier and the most prestigious event for the automotive industries in the Middle East & North Africa (MENA). The annual mega event is sponsored by “Akhbar El Yom” press agency.

The activities of the exhibition commenced on the 3rd of June and concluded on June 7th, 2010 at the International Fair Grounds in Egypt. AutoMech 2010 saw the participation of automobile manufacturers and suppliers worldwide. It also attracted politicians, businessmen and celebrities such as Paris Hilton, who was the guest of honor at the opening of AutoMech 2010.

Al-Baddad International, through its branch in Egypt, constructed leased venue halls that spread over an area of around 2000 square meters in the exhibition. The pyramidal and luxury halls for the project were provided in accordance with the highest international safety and security standards in terms of withstanding harsh climatic and weather conditions, such as high-speed winds and heavy rain conditions.

Bringing the design element into play, the halls are characterized by superior design and a holistic approach to luxury. The specifications and sizes of the halls varied where certain types can cover a total area of 4000 square meters.

Al-Baddad International is renowned for equipping the halls with cutting-edge interior decorations, wood floor tiling, and service units to ensure the utmost comfort and luxury for the participants. Moreover, the company supplies heavy equipment, including huge power generators and 25-ton air conditioners.

Al-Baddad International enjoys a firmly-established experience in equipping halls for commercial exhibitions, where it devotes itself to providing the best of products to serve high profile events that attract participants from all the Arab countries and the world.

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