BMW X3 2011 official spy shots released

BMW X3 2011 official spy shots released

As ridiculous as it sounds, BMW has released photos of their all-new 2011 X3 crossover prototype undergoing testing in full camouflage. The official ‘spy shots’ show a larger vehicle than the one being replaced, although still likely in the compact category.

Slotting in between the X1 and the X5, the all-wheel-drive 2011 BMW X3 will likely share engines from both its siblings, as well as styling cues and interior features. And contrary to what the photos show, it likely won’t be a better offroader.

Keep track of future updates in the BMW X3 buyer guide.

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  1. Looks the same O.o

  2. Maybe BMW is worried about being forgotten since they aren’t making any news. So they send out official pix of their prototype vehicle. lol

  3. ford had also done this once. They released an official picture of a prototype ford fusion.

  4. I like the X1,X5 and X6. X3 looks utter ugly for BMW.

  5. That’s funny… they release spy shots of prototypes which look no different than their previous model =.=

  6. except for the rims and headlights.. its all the same.. just ugly for the X series.

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