Honda Accord Crosstour 2010 launched in the UAE

Honda Accord Crosstour 2010 launched in the UAE

Honda Middle East launched the new 2010 Honda Accord Crosstour in the GCC, debuting during a press event at the Atlantis hotel in Dubai. The American-built Accord Crosstour will be available in only one V6 trim level in the UAE, and “combines the sophisticated refinement of a premium sedan with versatile characteristics of an SUV to create an entirely distinct concept within the crossover segment.” Indeed.

The new-for-2010 Accord Crosstour comes standard with Honda’s 271 hp 3.5-litre i-VTEC V6 engine with Variable Cylinder Management system programmed to run on 3, 4 or 6 cylinders as needed, and mated to a 5-speed automatic transmission. Also standard are higher ground clearance, independent suspension and all-wheel-drive.

The Accord Crosstour has an interior exactly like that of the sedan, but with standard leather and a differently-shaped roofline. The cargo area has an under-floor storage area in the rear of the vehicle and reversible cargo floor panels for dirty objects. Cargo area access is further enhanced by a tailgate with a large opening and a low lift-over height. Levers near the interior fender wells, accessible from the tailgate opening, allow for one-touch folding of the rear seats into the floor and create 1,452 litres of cargo space in the process. The spare tyre is accessed from the bottom of the car.

Safety equipment includes stability control, anti-lock brakes with electronic brake distribution and brake assist, side curtain airbags with a rollover sensor, driver’s and front passenger’s side airbags, dual-stage, multiple threshold front airbags, and active front seat head restraints.

The Crosstour will go on sale soon in only one standard trim with no options, for around Dhs 135,000. Honda has announced a media blitz for the car, with “newspaper and magazine advertisements.” Presumably we’re left out of the ad bonanza.

Keep track of further updates in the Honda buyer guide.

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  1. ugliest honda ever…

  2. Again, ugly….

  3. AWD is interesting though I don’t see the point of it in Dubai….

  4. @: Faisal:

    If you don’t see the point of it than you don’t understand the AWD system properly.

  5. @ Ali
    I agree with Faisal, there is no point of the AWD in this particular car… i dont expect to see it much on the roads anyway….

  6. Something quite awkward about the shape.. the front should have been a tad bit higher to give some balance to the rear.

  7. 135k??…

    hhaha u better off with a Mazda Cx9!!

  8. Okay for the specs, but with this price one could almost buy a full option Honda Pilot,3.5L 4WD and very spacious car.
    So one has to really like it to buy it, but with such an ugly front, not encouraging!

    They seem to be trying to copy the Porche Panamera concept? Not that sure!

  9. Is it too late to launch a 2010 model in June??
    Now we should be looking at 2011 models.

  10. Stupid Pricing for this soccer mom’s van !!

  11. wahts the ground clearence of this car? anyone who spends 135K for this vehicle needs urgent consultation from a psychatrist…its high time honda start thinking about its pricing strategy…1st it was that stupid civic hatch back for 90k+…now crosstour….

  12. i donno y the hell does US even tries manufacturing cars.. this Crosstour is a very good example of their aesthetic abilities..

    if Nissan n Honda keep lettin US manufacture cars, den v might c the end of proper small utility Japanese cars..

  13. Look look…. is it a Prius, is it a Panamera!!! no no its Honda Whatever…….!!!!!

  14. @Ali….a AWD system in Dubai is useless cause we either have paved roads or sand dunes. Nothing in between apart from those dirt roads that even a Yaris can handle easily…

  15. hi guys

    does anyone know a rent a car company which rent outs LX570 ,I need it for 1 month

  16. ajay – try national rent-a-car

  17. Toyota finally got some company!

  18. I don’t think this is a good idea for a place like U.A.E. I could only see 1 BMW GT till now. I this was the dumbest decision they made.

  19. guess what..5 series GT is selling like hot cake in india…i heard in they sold about 6 GT in kerala and there is a lots of bookings….

  20. Big boot.. Sells in the american market… but the price is just excessive..

  21. Honda needs to fire its designers, pronto.

  22. i love this car muaaaaaaaaaaa ….

  23. I dotn understand the design of this car i feel like honda is trying to copy say porsche but this is supposedly honda not hyundai or kia

  24. i will let u know guys hows the car going to be, about the looks, the pics are deceiving, see it.. i loved it on my first look, and getting delivery tomorrow, red pearl.

  25. Guys! Crosstour is a good car. But It should be the same price of Accord. I drove the car and its the same as Accord. Please dont comment with out driving the car. Price! you guys are right its not worth Buying it for AED 135K.

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