BMW X6 made real coupe by Apmotex

BMW X6 made real coupe by Apmotex

BMW claims that their X6 is a “coupe” while it has four doors. While that tidbit was thought up by marketing types, and is completely wrong, BMW still had hit on their hands. The X6 is the best-selling BMW in the UAE and possibly the whole GCC. The four doors ensured its success. But Russian tuners Apmotex wondered what a real X6 coupe would be like.

The Ruskie outfit is offering a body conversion to two doors, with a choice of three styles of doors. The wheelbase and overall length is the same, but the doors are longer. That’s about all there is to it, really. Options include wheels, suspension, exhaust, custom upholstery and a body kit.

What do you think?




  2. Looks like an oversized sports coupe!

  3. ^ looks like an oversized R/C car… 😀 😀 😀

  4. ^ 😀 nice one.. it sure does..

  5. From side it looks like a mix of Accord Crosstour and Coupe

  6. Wait..wait..wait.. before judging.

    How much does it cost ? TBH I hate BMW so much that their cars are way to expensive like mercedes.

    If you want a fast Mercedes, you’ll have to pay a lot. And if you want a cheap Mercedes, its gonna be slow.

  7. the BMW X6 is a great automotive,i have one,i could be able to share my driving with you if you want:D

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