Toyota Land Cruiser 2003-2007 global recall

Toyota Land Cruiser 2003-2007 global recall

Alongside an earlier-announced recall for 39,000 Lexus LX 470 4x4s built between 2003 and 2007, Toyota has also announced the global recall of all Land Cruiser models between 2003 and 2007. UAE media reports put the global number of affected Land Cruisers at around 40,000, for a total of almost 80,000. That number seems to suggest that only the V8 version is affected.

Toyota says that “a snap ring that retains two sections of the steering column can get dislodged following a heavy impact on the front wheels, such as hitting a severe pothole. Without the snap ring in place, using the steering can result in the column working itself free.”

No accidents have resulted from this potential problem. A redesigned snap ring will keep the part in its place. Dealers in Saudi Arabia and UAE are “monitoring the situation” but the recall is likely to go ahead in the GCC soon.

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  1. what’s up with Toyota?

  2. Noooo way my Land Cruiser is fine stop frightening us with bad news from Toyota hehe

  3. welll…only the Prado, Fortuner and Fj remain to be recalled….but this makes me say goodbye to their 4wd’s tooo :S..i hav always hated the brand to the core; but my top favorite 4wd’s remained Toyotas; and now with great grief i switch to…errr..i dunno what can match the Prado! every other mid-size 4 wheeler suck in one aspect or the other…Pajero – engine power, engine noise; Pathy – seating; Explorer – engine power; Grand Cherokee – no 7 seats; Kia Mohave – low ground clearance, lower approach angle, resale…but yea, i would rather sacrifise one of the those demerits than having to worry about a Toyota’s reliability!

  4. Author

    The Prado has a weird KDSS leaning problem now, as reported by some readers.

  5. the Pado kdss seems to get stuck and get backs after some time ,thats whay a lean is shown ,i bet the nissan HBMC IS THE WORLD CLASS in the SUV sector ,

  6. Americans are probably jealous about their Japanese competitors in the U.S and so recalls are frequently going on and on nowadays. Toyota (1), Honda (2), and Nissan (3).

  7. Somebody building components for those carmakers f**ked up really bad… They might be suing the living hell out of him as we speak… or probably some cost cutting plan went out of hand.. Americans would be jealous cuz the Japanese might surpass their record in deadly recalls..

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