World's highest speeding fine in Switzerland

World’s highest speeding fine in Switzerland

A “foreign” Swedish driver who was caught speeding at 290 kph in the nearby country of Switzerland could be given a world-record speeding fine of SFr 1,080 million, equivalent to US$ 1 million.

According to BBC News, the rich 37-year-old unnamed driver clocked driving his new Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG at 170 kph over the speed limit. He is currently being prosecuted. His gullwinged car has been impounded and in theory he could be forced to pay a daily fine of SFr 3,600 for 300 days in installments.

Under rather interesting Swiss laws, the level of fine is determined by the wealth of the driver and the speed recorded. In January, a Swiss driver was fined US$ 290,000, which happens to be the current world-record fine.

This really sends a message to those who break traffic laws, in contrast to the rich people whose cars get impounded here for 30 days when caught doing 250 kph, and which could simply be taken out by paying a measly Dhs 3000 on top of a Dhs 2000 speeding fine — chump change for those driving Ferraris and Bentleys.

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  1. waw…just loved it…wish it could implement here…

  2. Interesting technique.. Gotta love the profit you get out of it..

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