About 90% of cars in Afghanistan are Toyota Corolla

About 90% of cars in Afghanistan are Toyota Corolla

At least some local reports suggest that about 70% of all cars in the UAE are Toyota-branded models. As far back as 10 years ago, we read stories that the Toyota Corolla was the top-selling car in this country, and it still might be. So what can word-of-mouth do for a car? Apparently, 90% of all cars in the impoverished state of Afghanistan are Toyota Corolla models, all imported and many as old as 20 years.

According to the Washington Post, Afghans do not need a stupid little Tata Nano, as they are quite content importing used Toyota Corolla models from all over the world, American and Japanese ones included, converting them to left-hand-drive as needed, and chugging along in these ridiculously reliable cars.

The only Toyota dealership in Afghanistan manages to sell only a few hundred Corollas a year, as the used market is thriving. Buyers snap up cars with more than 300,000 km on the clock, preferably in white and pricing as high as Dhs 15,000 for 20-year-old beaters. Incidentally, most of these cars are shipped via Dubai.

The other 10% of the 500,000-strong car market is made up of Toyota Land Cruiser, Hilux and 4Runner models made popular by the Taliban, as well as large Mercedes-Benz trucks.

My father also bought and continues to drive a 1997 Toyota Corolla 1.3 XL, with a 5-speed manual gearbox, manual windows, manual steering and no airbags. For obvious reasons, I usually edit it out of family portraits.

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  1. This article is timely its being recalled again, this type due to engine defect…Toyota recalls Corollas in North America http://gulfnews.com/business/automotives/toyota-recalls-corollas-in-north-america-1.674136

  2. Author

    ^Yep. I am honestly tired of posting recall articles. Painfully repetitive.

  3. Let me speculate as to the reasons:
    – There is only one spares supplier, and he only stocks a full range of recycled parts for Toyota Corollas?
    – There are only a handful of qualified mechanics and they only know how to fix Toyota Corollas?

  4. stats not too different from the uae 🙂

  5. nano is a junk compared to a corolla…besides a made in india stamp would even frighted the afgans…lol

  6. look who is talking..people who can’t manufacture a needle at home.

  7. so that is your defense for making cars so lame that the other wise average afgan who is sympathic to indians wont even buy?…….

    Nano the biggest transport joke of all time…

  8. Guys kill some of that ego and take it easy..

  9. just having some fun here…. some people need to grow a little thick skin

  10. you hava a nice fleet of cars dear mash 🙂 ..!!!!

  11. Author

    ^Sure, brother!

  12. Every Mornings, Mash trying to jump start his (non jap) convoy for 15 mins….., Then comes the daddy with his decades old white corolla and goes zooom out and says later son !! leaving annoyed Mash Black, Red and I dont know what color is the Peugeot 🙂

  13. ^.. LMAO…… and i think nussam was refering to exactly that point… but i doubt mash got the msg…
    besides i thought mash already sold the peugeot to his friend diego… so why its still in here with mashes so called fleet…

  14. whats the point of putting the last pic.!!!!!!!!!

  15. @mudasser, he is trying to show how humble the corolla is..compared to his other cars..

  16. ^.. in other words to show off his cars….LOL

    on the other hand… this is absolutly correct whatsmentioning in the article above… Toyota Corolla is king of the road in Kabul…

    check the link bellow…

  17. just bought a corolla 1997 1.3xl and need a reverselight unit,have tried in vain to get one with no joy

  18. Not surprising to find mono car worshipping by medieval monotheists. Afghans have known to be fiercely loyal.

  19. Got a toyota car,and for quite sometimes now,i,ve been having problems with my new high fuel consumption,as a customer i wish to know d courses,since i,ve spent to much money to repair,thk u

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