Lexus IS 2011 gets facelift in Europe

Lexus IS 2011 gets facelift in Europe

The European-spec Lexus IS has been facelifted, but with no real mechanical changes. However, the changes are so minor that we’re hard-pressed to figure out what they are.

The 2011 Lexus IS comes in IS250 and IS200d trims in Europe, and allegedly now has restyled wheels, new taillights and LED running lights on trims fitted with HID headlights. The IS “F-Sport” body-kitted models feature a new front spoiler, a revised grille, a changed rear spoiler and new 18-inch alloy wheels, with new “titanium-effect” interior trim and “anthracite” headliner. The changes also apply to the Lexus IS-C convertible.

The changes may appear in GCC-spec IS300 models soon, or it may already have appeared in the UAE and we just didn’t notice it.

Keep track of updates in the Lexus IS buyer guide.

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  1. this car urgently needs a full make-over. design-wise it looks like a solid 90s sedan..

    never understood why it is so popular among locals. reliable, solid, yes.. but that is as much good stuff i can see in this car

    like the lx570 though !!

  2. I’m generally a Toyota hater but do like some models and the IS is one of them. It’s compact footprint, large wheels, RWD and the F (sport) model has made it a respectable car in my eyes. But a redesign can’t be bad now can it?

  3. where’s the IS350?

  4. I wonder there’re no IS350 in European market still now.
    On the other hand,there have been considerable amount of IS350s,laid in USA and Canada,for several years in European countries,through parallel importing dealers. This phenominon indicates some demands for IS350 have existed here.
    As for Arabian countries,current IS300 yielding 228bhp(170kW)@SAE-NET J2723 rating(equivalent to [email protected] standard) shows adequate performance yet she’s no fire cracker. Thus I do hope official release of the IS350(306bhp) in Gulf district!

  5. Lexus launches all-new IS-F in Oman

    Saud Bahwan Group, the exclusive importer of Lexus cars in Oman, has unveiled the new Lexus IS-F sport sedan. The new IS-F is equipped with a 5.0-litre V8, direct injection engine tuned to produce 417bhp and 51.5 kg of torque. The transmission is an eight-speed automatic sports direct shift with the world’s fastest shift timing of 0.1 second, also controlled by paddle shifters on the steering wheel, the dealer said.

  6. Author

    ^Good tip-off. A “journalist” had told me 2 months ago that he drove the IS-F in Oman, but it slipped my mind.

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