Toyota Corolla 2005-2008 U.S. recall for engine stalling

Toyota Corolla 2005-2008 U.S. recall for engine stalling

The Toyota Corolla, quite possibly the most popular car in the world, is being recalled in the U.S. over engine stalling issues. So far, the recall is only for 2005 to 2008 models built in the United States.

The recall covers all 2005-2008 Corolla sedans and Corolla-based Matrix hatchbacks, all fitted with a standard 1.8-litre engine. Approximately 1.13 million vehicles are affected by a problem which could cause the 1ZZ-FE 4-cylinder engine to stall. Three accidents have been attributed to this problem, though Toyota hasn’t confirmed whether they were caused by this issue, which would also lead to loss of power steering and brake assistance.

U.S. Toyota dealers will replace the engine control modules on the recalled vehicles starting in September. This is the second recall for the US-spec Corolla after almost 750,000 of the new 2009-2010 models were fixed for a potential steering issue.

It is unknown if this problem affects the GCC-spec Toyota Corolla. The 2005-2008 models shipped to countries such as Saudi Arabia and the UAE were imported from Japan, looked different externally, and had the choice of a 1.6-litre as well as the problematic 1.8-litre engine. While US-built models of various Japanese manufacturers usually source parts within the States itself, some critical components, such as engines, gearboxes and electronics, are imported from Japan, though the case with the Corolla remains vague. Too bad for Afghans paying top dollar though.

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  1. I just took my corolla 08 to the dealer after I got the first letter about the recall. At the entrance one of the Toyota guys told me that it was necessary to see the Warning Engine Light ON. However, the letter from Toyota specified that the ECU could be making the car to have problems during the “transmission shifting” i.e. “the transmission was shifting harshly”. This was happening to me and from time to time it felt that the transmission was hitting my car and the Engine Light was OFF. So they tested the car and changed the ECU computer. Now, my car runs good.

  2. My stupid POS Matrix sometimes won’t start. The engine will turn over all day until the battery dies but no ignition. sometimes takes several times before it fires. Getting really tired of it. Dealer said they can’t do anything about it until I get a recall letter. Great. Piece of junk. I’ve learned my lesson with Toyota. So far I’ve owned 2 Yotas, sold one, still have one left. Soon, no more Yotas for me…….ever.

  3. I have purchased a toyota corolla 1.8 in Iran, manufactured in Japan in April 2008, I wonder if this car needs to be fixed for the problems the others have experienced in US. Please respond so that I know what to do next.
    My VIN number is JPXA081VSC8005006

  4. I bougth my toyota corolla 2008, I never receved a letter of recall, after I paid the Loan and when the waranty was expired. I received the letter and a day later I went to the dealer and they changed the defective part (ECM), but when they handed me my car the center climate control console ligth does not work and the cd player does not work too, I returned to then back and told me to charge $2,200 for the new cd player and ligth this is ridiculous, but if you do today they said you only pay $ 550.00. That amount is the same as the ECM cost, I am very upset

  5. how mach money the toyota
    corolla 2005

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