Toyota Corolla 2011 facelift in the UAE & GCC

Toyota Corolla 2011 facelift in the UAE & GCC

We already revealed that the 2011 Toyota Corolla is in UAE and Omani showrooms, but for some reason official details remain scarce, even as the new model can be seen on the streets of Dubai. We’ve finally tracked down official photos of the facelifted model, as it first came out in Europe a couple of months ago.

Expectedly, changes are limited to cosmetics only, with a new front end, reshaped tail lamps, new rear bumper, new wheels and the choice of a 6-speed manual in addition to the outdated 4-speed automatic. Engine options for the GCC remain the same, with a 1.6-litre and a 1.8-litre rounding out the range.

Keep track of prices and updates in the Toyota Corolla buyer guide.

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  1. I remember one of comments here written by sum user,
    Corolla toh gadhon jese gaari hai isse acha toh bail gaadi hai lolzz hahahah…

  2. it looks more ugly from rear now

  3. Looks like an aftermarket tail light…

  4. God, when are they going to change the 4 speed trans …. once I talked with a toyota salesman about the 4 speed trans in corolla and rav4, he justified by saying (you know, the more moving parts are there the more likely break downs to happen) I told him, this is contradicting with your own products because you are marketing the Lexus LS 460 as (Featuring the first 8 speed trans in the world) so it is likely to break down in 2 months !!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Author


  6. Rear tail lamps look like the ones on the old Mazda 6 and the interior picture reveals a rear view camera display in the rear view mirror which Im guessing we wont see on the GCC specs of any such saloons.

  7. Is it made in Japan or Thailand ?

  8. I’m driving one and for a month i have experienced some discrete clicking sound from underneath especially when i turn 90 deg.. I consulted the service and there are charges just for checking,… how much more on possible repairs? What’s really meant by dealer warranty and service as advertised?

  9. I wont buy TOyota 2010 or 2011 super luxe but chi car. I need some corollas. How mush $. I wate for you

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