Mitsubishi Eclipse 2011 gets minor update

Mitsubishi Eclipse 2011 gets minor update

The Mitsubishi Eclipse will get minor updates for the 2011 model year, although mechanically it will remain the same as it has been for the last few years.

All 2011 Eclipses get black painted roofs, which Mitsubishi says pays homage to the first-generation Eclipse, and ride height has been reduced by 15 mm for better handling, aerodynamics and, above all, looks. Still available with either a 2.4-litre 4-cylinder or a 3.8-litre V6 engine, the former now gets standard 18-inch wheels instead of the older 17-inchers, while the latter loses the manual gearbox option.

The newish Eclipse should quietly reach GCC showrooms by the end of the year.

Keep track of UAE updates in the Mitsubishi Eclipse buyer guide.

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  1. 1 reason it doesnt sell well is because theres no manual model… And ill tell you why before you start flaming me! People that buy such cars arent your avg family sedan consumer so go figure.. Its a sports car might aswell offer a manual option in this market to a minimum..

    But who am i kidding it looks dumb and ugly..

  2. I’m sorry guys, this is not an ugly car, its how a sports car’s supposed to be designed(the curves in the back and the front grill, and it being aggressive from the front)- The price is perfect, but the only reason its not doing well is its performance 0-100 in 8 secs from a 3.8 liter and options(this thing is empty in the inside – its plastic). It only costs 80K – the Altima Coupe and Accord Coupe cost a minimum 95K

    Nevertheless, that’s just my opinion.

  3. butt ugly. Accord , Altima, Hyundia & Genesis coupe all look good. The front has ugly old lancer look, its not even full grill, its with black paint to give that gtr type of nose look. The nose should be something like the new lancer, the new lancer looks cool, so does the outlander & asx. The Pajero is also a very good looking 4×4. Anyways beauty lies in eyes of beholder. For me this one is the ugliest looking car from Mitsubishi Stable. I like just the roof part of this car. And it will be shame if it gets beaten by some mordern mid size family saloon or 4×4 on road. I would rather pay more and buy something fast.

  4. Eclipse is a simple empty fast sport car but I don’t like the curvy look. Now I should hop into Photoshop and try to make it look like a Gran Tourer or something 😀

  5. It’s slow because its a tank. It shares its underpinnings with the galant and the outlander……and they still want to call it a sports car? Put that pig on a diet. And to make matters worse, the car is just ugly as sin. The porportions are all wrong, too much overhangs in the front and rear. Sorry Mitsubishi, but you need to scrap this and go back to what made the Eclipse a good car, because the current one is a joke.

  6. That actually sucks and the accord coupe is much better than this model and honda is just better than mitsubishi :DD

  7. A 3.8 litre engine should be producing at least 330 horsepower in today’s market

  8. Its Beyonce with Tina Turner Ass..

  9. i can onli laugh at de comments posted by eclipse haters 😛

    its a car which surely gets heads turning fr its superior luks…

    performance wise… well its nt a super car… bt its a car wid awesome handling and fun to drive.. !!!!

    at de end f de day… u own an eclipse.. u wont regret it.. trust me !

    nd yea all de hater’s … plz remain hater’s.. coz der wud b very few eclipse babies on de road’s f dubai.. making ma nd de oder limited eclipse owners unique 😀 !!

    i meant no offence to any1 !

    cheers \m/

  10. @ Mashfique Hussain Chowdhury

    body kit & cai suppliers here in de uae fr de eclipse ??

    ny info regarding da same wud b highly appreciated 🙂

    thnks !

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