Porsche celebrates 25 years of Exclusive programme

Porsche celebrates 25 years of Exclusive programme

Apparently Porsche has been offering a factory customisation service for their cars for the last 25 years which few know about. The company claims it has a team of around 100 workers whose sole job is to work on this Porsche Exclusive programme.

The Porsche Exclsuive programme is celebrating its 25th anniversary by producing 356 examples of the 911 Speedster that debuted at the Paris Motor Show. The division is also responsible for the 911 Sport Classic that debuted last year for a production run of 250 units. Their older creations are even more interesting.

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  1. porsche do know how to make money…!?

  2. Where did you get all those sexy old school photos of these porsches? Like hell id order a custom spec one…

    I admit their older generations especially the 930 were quite characterful designs..

  3. Author

    ^Hehe, press photos. Enjoy.

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