Pagani Huayra supercar revealed

Pagani Huayra supercar revealed

Pagani showed off its latest creation, the Huayra at the Geneva Motor Show. Light as a feather and powered by a roaring V12 with twin turbos, the Pagani Huayra is sure to be fast, very fast.

The Huayra is built in carbon-titanium, with its gull-wing doors that include a good portion of the roof. The Huayra’s small size made it possible to reduce the rear overhang, providing a more neutral behavior in extreme conditions and improving safety in the event of a rear crash. The Huayra weighs about 1350 kg. The side air intakes behind the front wheels generate a negative pressure inside the wheel, causing a draw that effectively lowers the coefficient of aerodynamic drag and downforce generating front. Weight distribution is 44-percent front and 56-percent rear.

Mercedes-AMG provides the 12-cylinder biturbo engine which produces 700 hp and a torque of over 1000 Nm. The power and torque is transferred to the wheels via a seven-speed sequential gearbox cross and a dual-disc clutch. The Huayra can apparently do 0-100 kph in 3.3 seconds and reach speeds above 370 km/h. The large 85-liter tank ensures a longer range travel. The light titanium exhaust system is a direct application of technologies racing on a high-performance road car.

Inside, the central touch screen high-definition multimedia system is the heart of the vehicle for the control of audio functions, satellite navigation, Bluetooth phone and secondary functions. Leather upholstery with carbon-trims and milled-aluminium parts litter the interior.

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  1. 12 cylinder Biturbo, 700 HP, 1000 Nm of torque, carbon-titanium, 1350 Kgs, 0-100 in 3.3s, top speed above 370 km/hr… Insane…

    But why does it look ugly? The current Zonda is nicer from the outside!

  2. Ugly, for sure.
    But IMO not as ugly as Zonda.

  3. ………and even better, 12 l/100km !!!!!!!!

  4. I would sleep inside of this car anyday because of the interior man…

    Damn amazing interior man!

    I like this car more than the Zonda..

    but it’s a dream car again.. we will never get it!!! Unless you drive it in your dreams.

    P.S (I drove a Ferrari on one of my dreams. At least I drove one in my dreams HAHAHAHA 😀 YAY lucky man)

    Try to dream about it, you may drive it in a dream( better than nothing! hehehe and Good luck!)

  5. maan doesnt that that look good
    luk at the interior
    acceleration:0-60(MPH)in a tounge swallowing 3.3 seconds
    omg those are real numbers

  6. Off all the exotic cars in the world.. Thats one of the few that word ‘exotic’ fits on it perfectly..

  7. @ AbdelAziz, bro did u watch Inception recently ? LOL.

    Atleast u said u drove Ferrari in ur dreams. Coz, There are some Chennai based scientists in this forum who works for a Shaikh in his camel herding business, and he claims he’s got half a dozen exotic cars. 🙂

    Cheers to DragRacer, LOL….

  8. +200 for the superb modernized-retro interior design.. This should serve as a base and inspiration for all carmakers to design their cars whether they are flagships or mainstreams.. As most of today’s cars look dull as hell inside/out..

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