Honda Odyssey 2011 GCC launch in the UAE

Honda Odyssey 2011 GCC launch in the UAE

The American-built 2011 Honda Odyssey minivan was launched at an event in Dubai. The upmarket minivan is seemingly aimed at big Arab families, and is expected to sell fine in countries such as Saudi Arabia, though not necessarily as abundantly in the UAE.

The Odyssey, now longer, wider and lower than before, is admittedly pricier than the usual Toyota Previa, but the Honda was designed for the U.S. market and therefore contains all sorts of luxury features that the comparitively-utilitarian Previa cannot be outfitted with.

Mechanical specs include a 250 hp 3.5-litre V6 with cylinder-shutoff tech, 5-speed and 6-speed automatics depending on trim, MacPherson strut front and double-wishbone rear suspension, 17-inch or 18-inch alloy wheels with 235-width tyres, and an 80-litre fuel tank.

Features include three rows of seating for up to eight people, adjustable 2nd-row seats that can space outwards to fit three baby seats, 3rd-row “magic” seats that can flip forwards or backwards, power-adjustable driver’s seat, optional HID headlights, optional rear DVD screen that is ultra-wide to play a movie and a video game at the same time, ports for USB and even HDMI, optional navigation, optional 15GB hard drive or 2GB flash drive to store CDs instead of needing a CD changer, front and side airbags with three-row side-curtain airbags, and eleventy-billion cup holders.

The Honda Odyssey will be available in LX, EXL and Touring trim levels, with prices ranging from Dhs 119,000 to 169,000.

Incidentally, Honda also launched a CRF450R dirt bike, a cute little CRF 50F baby dirt bike and a couple of new power generators. Honda’s presentation gave us the idea that their motorcycles and generators, both leaders in their segments, actually did better than their car business during the recession.

Keep track of updates in the Honda Odyssey buyer guide.

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  1. It looks a very nice car with very good and nice interior, it looks big too, but as usual, honda cars are always overpriced here

  2. Why would you pay 169000 on this car? Get a Yukon instead and enjoy the V8!

  3. Yea, I admit it’s expensive.

    However, if you have been in any Honda Odyssey, you will know the true meaning of a comfrotable family car. it’s huge as WoW and the A/C is impressive. Plus, it’s much more economic than any 4×4 car.

  4. The front and rear looks like two cars stuck together !

  5. What would have ended up in a good design, looks seriously flawed after rear doors, strange design. Interior yes, it looks nice and comfortable.

  6. Mini-vans are like dinosaurs their era is coming to an end.. At least we dont see much in our market..

    Except the Odyssey which is think is the most successful and well rounded mini-van ever made..

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