Nissan Tiida 2012 launched as Sunny and Versa elsewhere

Nissan Tiida 2012 launched as Sunny and Versa elsewhere

It was a double surprise as Nissan revealed two different versions of the next-generation Tiida at two different motor-shows in a span of 2 days. As we previously reported about the Chinese Sunny being the new Tiida sedan, the new Sunny debuted as the Versa, currently known as Tiida in the GCC, at the 2011 New York Auto Show, without a hatchback equivalent. Yet, at almost the same time, Nissan revealed a new Tiida hatchback at the 2011 Shanghai Motor Show that is a completely different car. Make sense?

Confusing as it sounds, the truth is there is a visible difference between the two of the largest markets in the auto industry, which is Nissan is trying to address. Seen above is the Chinese-market 2012 Nissan Sunny.

The sub-compact American-market 2012 Nissan Versa sedan is identical to the Sunny that debuted in China. The 2,600 mm wheelbase and the car’s width is unchanged, The car is now longer by 11 mm and 70 kg lighter compared to its outgoing predecessor. The only change compared to the Chinese model is the engine. The Versa uses a 109 hp 1.6-litre 4-cylinder “CVTC” engine with variable-valve timing and 145 Nm of torque, instead of the 110 hp 1.5-litre with 139 Nm used in the Chinese Sunny. It will be attached to a 5-speed manual or Nissan’s Xtronic CVT. Fans, if any, of the current 122 hp 1.8-litre will be disappointed, because that model has been discontinued and the new model has a smaller engine.

The compact 2012 Nissan Tiida hatchback for China, on the other hand, has been a revelation. The newly-designed hatchback has more aerodynamic styling, increased dimensions, and new engines. At 4,295 mm long (45 mm longer) and 1,760 mm wide (65 mm wider), with an increased wheelbase of 2,700 mm (100 mm longer), it is one of the largest vehicles in its class. The Tiida will use the drivetrains as the Versa above. The surprise package is the new Tiida “DIG” turbo model with direct injection. This variant, only available on the Tiida hatchback, will produce around 190 hp and 240 Nm of torque from a turbocharged 1.6-litre.

The GCC will likely get both of these, the sedan and hatchback, by the end of the year, but without the turbo model. If there is any tinge of hope, it’s the talks about introducing direct-injection and turbo models by various car dealers, as smaller-displacement engines producing more power and better economy will counter rising fuel prices. But its too early to be excited.

Keep track of UAE updates in the Nissan Tiida buyer guide.

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  1. the sedan looks ugly and the hatchback looks too gud.

  2. Hatchback looks cool, sedan is no match, somehow i don’t think that it has fitting interior..which such a nice shape for hatch, it should have some jazzy interior with very special dials..anyway lets see, its a people mover car, so folks won’t be much bothered….

  3. I’d like Nissan to make a Hot hatch out of the Hatchback tiida, put the 1.6turbo up the power to 240bhp add torque vectoring AWD and a proper 6 speed manual, price it right, will sell quickly

  4. The Sedan look g8.
    If priced around same price in INDIA it would be a great success.

  5. Oh hey Davis, typo in the title, 2 “i”s for Tida, just sayin 😛

  6. I really do like the hatch. With the sedan, Nissan’s saying “We don’t like small 4-door sedans. You shouldn’t either. So there!” 😛
    Personally, I don’t like B-segment (or smaller C-seg.) 4-door sedans. They look awkward. Rather, it should be a 2-door sedan/coupé

  7. Man, you got me so excited with the hatchback’s initial reporting paragraph where you talked about the new turbo-charged engine and only later to reveal that we in Gulf won’t be that lucky to have it:( the hatchback looks awesome in pictures, however can’t say the same for the Sedan, because it looks aweful:)

  8. The sedan does look far better than the current version with its upright C Pillar

  9. In this design competing world where Koreans are ahead Nissan should have looked more into the design of the sedan. But I don’t mind buying a car with bad design if its reliable. I still thank them making the hatch look good.

  10. what an ugly sedan! there is a big difference between the ugly sedan and the beautiful hatchback, we can say that they are different brands,

  11. check out the interior. Plastics galore!

  12. Sad to say but other competitions in this segment, such as the Accent, elantra, Cerato, are way much better looking…

    Nissan Design goin’ backwards…

    Old Designers of Nissan… time to hang them drawing pads and give way to the younger Gen designers.

    Peaceout Nissan Fans.

  13. this is the upcoming sunny ,tiida sedan has a total different shape

  14. Buy the hatch go to Mussaffah and get a turbocharger fixed

    • It is not simply installing a turbo onto your car’s engine, I believe the car should be built entirely for the high engine horse power
      and it is illegal to install it yourself

  15. i thought this new tida broke my heart but after realizing the hatchback what a relief ,its awesome.

  16. 1.6 Turbo will be a hot piece of cake that will get sold out in no time in AE…GTi,Type R,Clio CUP…..all of them dont stand a chance….

  17. Lovin the hatch. It makes me cry that all the comparisons are picking on the sedan. Its not THAT bad. Ok it is….. But they should at least mention the hatch, because damn it’ll be hot with the turbo.

    Peace Nissan fans

  18. When will launched Nissan Tiida 2012 Sedan In UAE ?

  19. been using the Black Tiida 2008 hatch with 215/45 low profile tyres on 17 inch all black alloys from yellow hat since 2008. Can’t wait for the 2012 TIIDA HATCH soon in UAE! A realiable Japanese Car with a design this good, “hot hatch all the way baby”! 🙂

  20. I am hoping by February, they will introduce this design to DXB, by that time, I will also hope that it will still be the same package for a full option of hatch for 67000 AED.

    NISSAN please release it this last quarter of 2011.

  21. The new Tiida looks excellent outside but the interior looks bit dim especially with the beige color and also they have completely changed the audi look dash (trip/odo design). So I dont really like the interior of Nissan Tiida 2012.

    The new Sunny looks brilliant comparing to his predecessor but Nissan have borrowed few design from altima and maxima I guess:)

  22. Sad thing is, we ain’t seeing the new 2012 TIIDA hatch here in UAE till next Ramadan, because I went to the Nissan dealer today and they said that they already got the 2012 Nissan TIIDA stocks which is still the same hatch from the TIIDA 2011.

    This will be TIIDA 2013 in Dubai. LoL

  23. The sedan is the best selling B-segment sedan in North America. The new Sentra and Altima will share the design cues of the Versa Sedan. I bought one and I think it looks great.

  24. Been waiting for almost a year for the TIIDA 2012 to come in UAE. What’s happening to Nissan. China started selling this new model TIIDA last year.

  25. my BAD, I just checked the Nissan CHINA webpage, and they are still selling the old Nissan TIIDA model, so I guess another year for this TIIDA Hatch before it comes on the market

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