BMW M5 2012 sedan revealed early

BMW M5 2012 sedan revealed early

Official photos of the 2012 BMW M5 have been “leaked” onto the Internet, possibly intentionally, and it looks just like how anyone would’ve pictured the new M5 would look, so there aren’t any real surprises.

The “F10” M5 gets enlarged air intakes in the unique front bumper, four exhaust tips in the unique rear bumper and 20-inch wheels with Z-rated tyres, as well as tacked-on vents on the front fenders.

The rear-wheel-drive 2012 BMW M5 also loses the 507 hp V10, now replaced with a 560 hp twin-turbo V8, just like in the X5 M, with torque increasing from the V10’s 519 Nm to 680 Nm now at 1500 rpm. The new M5 is supposedly capable of 0-100 kph in 4.4 seconds. There will be a choice of a 7-speed dual-clutch automanual or a 6-speed manual.

The new model should reach the shores of Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar and other GCC countries by early next year, if not earlier.

Keep track of updates in the BMW 5-Series buyer guide.

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  1. no more v10 🙁

    • Sometimes you wish the fuel prices never went up in the world and sometimes you wish cars are still built like they used to be..

  2. That means the V10s will get cheaper. Nice! Like that interior leather, although nothing innovative as usual…also somehow, this doesn’t look that aggressive enough on the outside imo

  3. 560 hp… nice!

  4. 6 speed manual sounds interesting.

  5. The 4door nuclear bomb is back!!

  6. ooo..manual! thank god!

  7. If you look at the E34 or the E39 M5 they both looked quite civilized, I think this ones also following the same philosophy,i read somewhere that was the idea behind the original M5,,only the Bangle E60 M5 looked more agressive and flashy with look at me im a fast car written all over (not in a bad way tho IMO)..

  8. In terms of looks, this car looks phenomenal but i still cant believe they are not using the v10 engine anymore /tears.. The v10 sound was just crazy and terrifying it even had a superior voice over the c63 amg . One of the best engines ever …
    Lets just wait and see how this new one handles

  9. WOW simply no comment!
    however it would have been a better choice if they have used the V10 engine with those twin turbos, which have would given 650 hp, but for some reason they were really close to do it but they didn’t. any ways this is a pretty amazing car, i wish i had the money to own one…

  10. Best Sedan on earth, but the sellers in the middle east will ask for a massive price compare it to the US price.. 410,000AED in the US and 615,000AED in the UAE. what makes the car rise 200,000AED..?? is it a shipment 😉 ofcourse not. Just wanna share my feelings that the cars sellers in the UAE became ****** will you know it.

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