Al Futtaim Automotive expands amid Ramadan offers

Al Futtaim Automotive expands amid Ramadan offers

Al Futtaim Automotive, the UAE dealer for Toyota, Honda, Chrysler and various other brands, has opened new facilities around the country as well as announced their new offers for Ramadan as well as lease programmes.

The number of Toyota and Lexus showrooms in the UAE rose to 13 after a new Al Futtaim Motors branch was opened in Sharjah last month. Also in July, Al Futtaim’s Trading Enterprises arm also opened a new showroom and service centre in Ras Al Khaimah for the Volvo, Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge brands.

For Ramadan, Al-Futtaim Motors is offering the opportunity to win Dhs 1 million to a lucky customer who purchases a new Toyota vehicle in the UAE during Ramadan. All customers will also receive an iPod or an iPad with their purchase this August.

Al Futtaim Motors has also announced special lease programmes for several models that skips the 20% down-payment rule with some “creative” accounting. The end result is that a customer can, for example, drive home a 2011 Toyota Corolla while paying only Dhs 999 as down-payment and Dhs 999 per month for the next 24 months. These finance offers will be available throughout the year.

Al Futtaim has also announced a similar financing offer for Honda, while their Ramadan incentive is to offer a free Toshiba 40-inch LCD TV or a Toshiba tablet PC to customers this month.

On another note, Al Futtaim Motors has mentioned that Toyota’s market share in the UAE this year is a whopping 38.5% in new car sales. They’re also pleased to report that Toyota is back at 95% production capacity after taking a hit during the Japanese earthquake in March, much quicker than anticipated, with 100% capacity achievable by winter. Honda’s production has also seen similar recovery.

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  1. Seems to me like its an advertisement article for AlFuttaim motors 😛

  2. sure its an adv. 🙂

  3. Author

    Considering I folded four press releases into one, and that they gave me free lunch, I’d say I owed them.

  4. Hi Mash….I didnt find any such offer updates in website.. Will they be introducing it by this month end ? Actually i was planning to go for Accord..Shud i wait ?

  5. That corolla offer is very good

  6. went to the show room in festival city the 999 is wrong you only pay that with a total downpayment of 6500 ( with all the funny charges they have )

    pay 999+2900(gap cover in case total loss ) + 440 reg + 2500 first year insurance

    the 999 works only if you pay 20% down i spent good 4 hrs with my wife today test drove camry glx and aurion and honestly my 10 year old maxima has better road feel than either….i am not too picky but seriously… respect when it came to drivability both cars tranny were super confused and wanted to switch gears middle of the turn !!

  7. also a limit for 20K KM in two years rubbish!!

  8. Give me a service contract and all year round roadside assistance instead of an Ipad..

  9. any specials on the prado and land cruiser this ramadan?

  10. any new updates for the Toyota Corolla prices this Ramadan?

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