Honda Accord 2012 sedan now shipped from United States

Honda Accord 2012 sedan now shipped from United States

We were wondering why Honda Middle East didn’t do this sooner. Prices of Japanese cars are so high nowadays due to the retarded world of currency fluctuations that the American-built Honda Accord Coupe was priced higher than the Japanese-built Honda Accord sedan in 2011. Of course, now the sedan is also being imported from the United States, although Honda isn’t making a big deal out of it.

What they did announce is that all 2012 Accord sedans, including the basic LX models, will now come with six airbags as well as stability control, ABS and active headrests. But we bet you always knew that U.S. cars got the good stuff as standard.

Not all is good news however. We believe this switch to U.S. supplies has more to do with the Japanese supply shortage after the March earthquake rather than any desire to make Accord sedans cheaper in the GCC. Because UAE prices have actually increased by a tiny bit, with the base 2.4 LX model starting out at Dhs 89,900 and the loaded 2.4 EX navigation-equipped model topping out at Dhs 119,900. The V6 model tops out at around Dhs 138,000.

On another note, Japanese manufacturers have recovered from the March quake much quicker than anticipated, including Honda. Most of them are back at near-original production capacity, so any supply issues are officially over.

Keep track of updates in the Honda Accord buyer guide.

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  1. Hello…… Hello…… Mic testing…..
    Did you become a Honda fan after driving the 2012 Civic?

    • Author

      Yeah, but what exactly in this article gave that impression? It’s all facts.

    • Not this article which gave me the impression but another news about a Honda made me.
      My friend after driving the Honda Accord Coupe he loved it very much. Is it that good?

    • I test drove the accord coupe, Only the new 2011 when used in triptronic mode is fun. The traction control kills the start and if u turn it off and really bing it, a slight torque steer comes in. I was looking to buy it, but not now. its not AS MUCH fun as i thought it is, and although u do feel like ur in a coupe, theres no cockpit sporty feel in the cabin. Certainly not worth the price, When u consider u can get RWD 300+ hp ponies for the same money, but yeah if u believe in the same old lame honda resale thing, go for it, repent u didnt buy something better for the money for 3 years and then sell it for a little more cash than others !! ;P

  2. That’s good news, the list of standard equipment just got better. On the flip side the last bread and butter car coming out of Japan will now come from across the pond. (Altima comes from US and Camry comes from Aussie land – correct me if I am wrong)

  3. still expensive.. might as well add 10k and go for a 2011 nissan maxima 129k top of the range 🙂 Cheaper maintenance as well 🙂

  4. if i had money, i would had been in a real fix now because i love the Accord, no matter how much they price it, and the Maxima, equally.

    and i would like to think that if Honda prices their car a wee bit more than the others, then thats because they can. its as simple as that, we might not agree with them entirely but then if I don’t want to buy a Toyota and i can’t afford a Lexus, then isn’t Honda the obvious choice?:)

    • Sorry, but Honda is not the obvious choice as you say, there are tens of other and better choices, who would by a 4 cyl car for 120K? why would I do that

  5. Honda is the obvious choice because people are brainwashed into believing it is.
    Nissan is as good as Honda, but yet people have 20 year old notions that Honda is good as is Toyota. The fact that people choose to buy a Corolla rather than an Altiam for 75k shows how deluded they are.
    The Accord is a good car, but at 120k, the Maxima offers so much more.
    Similarly, a full options Altima at 87k is a much better deal than a bare bones Accord at 90k

    • Hi Musa, test drive the Maxima, get a feel of that un-refined engine and then test drive the Accord. You’ll understand why ppl would prefer an Accord to a Maxima… its not just about having a fully loaded vehicle. I was in awe as well when I first saw the loaded Maxima on road but after my test drive, I couldnt care less. Maxima still has room for improvement.

    • In fact i have driven both in the last 2 weeks.
      The Maxima may sound unrefined, because thats its nature with the CVT and 3.5l Engine. Its engine has been highly ranked and is very powerful.

      A 3.5L Accord may be better than a Maxima, but 2.4 l accord shouldnt be priced the same as a mid range Maxima at all.

  6. what about these additional ugly tail lights??

    • @Elias..thanks for that..I also feel them ugly..infact the accord as it is is really having a very classy design..but sometimes car makers just facelift their cars for no reason..only to elongate the life cylce of their models…

  7. “HONDA” can never make a Truck!…the Accord prooves this statement again and again…
    They are solid, reliable vehicles offer great comfort with decent touches of luxury, along with an amazing amount of room for a mid-sized car.
    Honda is always way forward look wise in compare to Toyota and Nissan or any american brands.
    Accord is costly to buy but Good to own!

  8. AC will probably be crap, coz this will come from the US. It wasnt meant to be for the middle east in the first place.

    So brace yourselves on news of AC breakdowns. hehe…

  9. @Ramon, on the contrary there are place in States which are equally hotter compared to Middle East. In states like Nevada, Arizona, California and Kansas temperatures can easily reach 48 C.
    I am not sure why there is this misconception about cars coming out of US that their AC will not do a proper job.

    • Its a misconception , the 2008 Altima comes from the US but its AC is strong; Nissan cars generally have very good ACs, the Lancer EX I drove for a month had a poor one. OTTH, Ford taurus seems to have a good AC. If i do have to generalize based on country, i will say that European cars outside Germany (Renault, European Fords, Seat) dont seem to have very strong ACs

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