Maserati Kubang crossover unveiled at Frankfurt Motor Show

Maserati Kubang crossover unveiled at Frankfurt Motor Show

Italian luxury carmaker Maserati has confirmed their intentions of joining the crossover four-wheel-drive bandwagon with the debut of Maserati Kubang concept at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show.

The Kubang concept, which is in its second iteration, first one being the one that was unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show back in 2003, will be a high-end “sport-luxury” SUV aiming to provide supreme driving pleasure and a luxury atmosphere. While the Kubang’s engine, which shall be mated to an 8-speed automatic gearbox, is set to be developed by Ferrari, expect this Maserati SUV to borrow some basic 4×4 juice from its Fiat-owned sister brand Jeep; and rumours are that this may even roll out from the same plant as the Jeep Grand Cherokee since it will share the same platform.

There is no word on any specific details of the Kubang, nor there is any confirmation on when the Kubang shall go into production. And whether it really can roll in with a bang remains to be seen.

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  1. luks like neother croosovers …nothin interesting on the exterior part…

  2. except for the badge;)

  3. one word = excellent

  4. Looks futuristic !!

    bad it’s too expensive.. if some one want something looks similar ( something unique and bold design ) but cheaper then go for Infiniti or Kia!!

  5. Why on earth do we need this? This SUV madness should stop…

  6. its gonna sell well… but not as well as the cayyenne… that thing out numbers pajeros on a good day.

    • Which would make it pretty common now. Not exactly what you want when buying a luxury sports car. Maserati always has that exclusiveness, which makes it more special !!

  7. So its a rebadged jeep ??

  8. unbelievably boring and ugly..

    maserati, the modern times one hit wonder. one decent

  9. whats the matter with you lot. It’s a Maserati

  10. Looks Infiniti’esh….. so far.

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